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Nov 9, 2007 05:03 AM

Chicken and Waffles in Brooklyn?

It has just came to my attention that there is a dish that I've been dying to try; Chicken and Waffles. It came to my attention recently on a food jaunt to Philadelphia where a friend of mine had moved and was raving about eating a delicious dish where both Chicken and Waffles were the main course! I've done some research and found some places that serve it here but wanted to know from the people what places they've been to and what they thought about the Chicken and Waffles at those particular places. If you have eaten this dish here in Brooklyn or in New York, what is your reccommendation?
Thank you, Erik Long

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  1. There quite a few places up in Harlem that do chicken and waffles pretty well. Amy Ruth's, the best soul food place in the city IMO, does them. I've heard a Brooklyn outpost will be on Fulton Street sometime in the next few months. The thing in Harlem is that plenty of places do it, but quite a few are not even in the neighborhood of good. There is the M&G diner on 125th that I think did chicken and waffles pretty well, but can't say if the place is still there. As for other Brooklyn places, I'm not quite sure who might do it well. I've seen mention of a soul food place or two in the eats section in the Village AVoice though, maybe check their site?

    1. I saw an awning over a restaurant on Washington Ave. near Tom's diner that advertised Chicken & Waffles.

      1. Just a note that there are different styles in the world of chicken & waffles. I've had chicken and waffles in PA and it has been pieces of chicken in gravy over waffles, which must be the PA Dutch version. Your Harlem chicken & waffles would be with fried chicken.

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          And maple syrup. This is an LA standard at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

        2. there's a place called sugar hill supper club on nostrand and dekalb, near where i live in bed stuy. i have been wanting to try this place, which does have chicken and waffles. anyone been there?

          1. Little House on Clinton (150 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn) had excellent chicken & waffles when I was there a few months ago. It's small and doesn't look like much, but I cleaned my plate and almost ate it.

            Little House
            150 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205