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Nov 9, 2007 04:50 AM

Fore Street, 555, Street & Co. & Hugos Alternatives

Taking Fore Street, 555, Street & Co. & Hugo,s off the table. Where would you go in the Portland Maine area for a nice evening--good food, service and ambiance.

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    1. Taking into consideration that a nice evening may involve more than an hour's worth of eating but rather the entire experience of the restaurant there are serveral options. Unfortunately, as you have previously noted in other posts, service can be hit or miss in this town. With this in mind, in order from the not to be missed down, Bresca, Caiola's, David's 388, Rachel's L'osteria

      1. I second Caiola's and Bresca, and add Ribolitta(servers at Ribolitta are wonderful), Cinque Terra, and Back Bay Grill... oldies but goodies...

        1. Drive to Brunswick and try the Back St Bistro.

          1. You can never go wrong with Back Bay Grill. It's not a trendy as the others, but it's always been one of Portland's best fine dining choices. A bit out of the way--it's down near the main post office.

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              I am remiss in not mentioning Back Bay Grill. Absolutely.