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Nov 9, 2007 04:41 AM

Pomegranate Molasses--uses?

I just opened a bottle of pomegranate molasses that's been in the pantry for a while (unrivaled DELICIOUSNESS!), and I'm dying to use it in something besides cocktails.

Can anyone give me general guidelines, pairings, and/or recommendations? I would love to have it in my repertoire of condiments alongside balsamic vinegar and chipotle chilies, but I'm not quite sure what flavors work with it.

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  1. I love it over Fage yogurt.
    I have made this recipe many times, delicious!

    1. If you search Chowhound there are slews of posts about great uses for pomegrante molasses ... which I love.

      Here's a recent Chow Digest post.

      Something I had recently at a restaurant was just AMAZING ... crepes stuffed with duck confit and drizzled with pomegranate molasses. It was topped with juliened fuyu persimmons and pears and sprinkled with fresh pomegranite seeds. Totally deliciously decadant and great flavor combos ... and I usually hate duck.

      1. I mix it about 3 tbs with 3 tbs water and baste my oven roasted chicken with it. Use the drippings for a sweet and sour gravy. Yummy!

        1. Like luckyfatima, I like it with fowl. It goes well with duck breasts. Make a glaze using equal parts pomegranate molasses and red wine vinegar, and half as much honey. Heat and reduce by half. Cook the breasts in a sautee pan as you would normally, and during the resting period, brush the breasts with the glaze. Make a sauce using stock and molasses.

          Then, for dessert, pomegranate molasses over very good vanilla ice cream. Lovely. Great flavour, and visually simple yet dramatic.

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            I just made a Braised Chicken with Quince.

            The recipe from Joyce Goldstein's Tagine series has you cook the quince separately in water and then add Pomegranate Syrup at the end to the reduced cooking liquid . Then you add the fruit mixture to the braised Chicken sauce. It was too wonderful!!!

          2. The original comment has been removed