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Nov 9, 2007 04:17 AM

Thinking of smoking/barbecuing a turkey this time around...

So my friends know me as a avid practitioner of the smoking arts--all things pig, sometimes brisket, and chicken. Through all this, though, I've never attempted a turkey, and am interested in tips and recommendations. I always brine my bird, no matter what, so that part would be taken care of. I was planning on dry rubbing with some earthy spices, and firing at about 240 degrees. Any thoughts on keeping the skin from turning to silly putty, which is what I hear is the main pitfall? Should I cook it a little faster, given the lower fat content? I really want that fall off the bone tenderness that I've gotten from doing chicken this way, and I'm getting a smaller turkey this year, as there are going to be 6 people max. (this is to say 12-16 pounds, which is what I reserved)

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  1. Alton Brown did a smoked turkey on the grill one year. It seems to have good ratings and looks promising. good Luck.

    1. I've made the recipe, at the link listed below, several times. My family likes it so well, they complain now when I prepare a regular oven baked turkey.

      You don't need a smoker for this recipe, you can use a Weber BBQ Kettle. I smoke my turkey at 325F, until the thigh temperature reaches 185F. Just cook the turkey over indirect coals and regulate cooking temperature with upper and lower vents.

      Apple Brined - Smoked Whole Turkey

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        my smoker is a combo weber-- ie, it goes grill -->smoker with what is effectively a cylinder with rack struts and a door. i wonder how i'd collect pan drippings on the grill, though, w/o using the smoker attachment to hold a drip pan. thoughts?
        this looks like the result i'm looking for, btw.

      2. I have had good luck cooking turkey on a Webber kettle. One way to keep the skin from getting too crispy is by putting a little bit of olive oil on the skin about every 30 min.

        If you want some great ideas for cooking on the grill or smoker , but the book ......Peace , Love , and BBQ