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Nov 9, 2007 03:44 AM

Transporting and Re-heating Soup?

Now that the weather is cooler, I would like to start bringing soups and stews to work for lunch. Is there any sort of receptacle that I can safely use to both transport the soup AND re-heat it in the office micro? Everything I have is plastic and I'm concerned about chemical leaching (or is that an urban myth?). We don't have a breakroom at work, just a small fridge and microwave in a corner, and unfortunately there is no space for me to store bowls even though I much prefer to eat off of crockery than plastic/paper. Should I risk imminent doom and transport/heat my soup in a Rubbermaid bowl like I did yesterday?

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  1. How about a good, old-fashioned thermos? You won't have to refrigerate it and maybe won't have to heat it. And you could keep a "real" bowl and spoon at work to use to eat it!

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      I agree but you have to use a "real" thermos, not foam insulated but rather a true vacuum unit. The contents will be as hot for lunch as they were when you left for work especially if you temper it with boiling water before filling it with your soup.

    2. How about just having an office soup bowl. Heat it in that and rinse it out when you're done.

      1. Rubbermaid has a new line out that is said to be fully microwavable. I doubt you need to worry about leaching. But that's just cynical me. Take it FWIW.

        1. When we finally bought a microwave 5 years ago (I can't believe I lived without it!), I went out and bought some new cookware. I have Corningware containers, one of which is the right size for soup. Yeah, it's a little heavy to carry, but it works. It does have a plastic lid with a steam hole, so my soup gets warmed up without blowing everything up.

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            I have some small glass Corning-ware bowls that have rubber lids that might be perfect for transporting soups. I bought my daughter a complete set of the microwaveable/stain resistant Rubbermaid for her dorm this year, and she loves them.

            Personally, I would go with the small Thermos, unless it is a very hearty soup/stew.

            1. re: Kelli2006

              Thanks for the ideas, folks. I remember having a "real" thermos in my lunch-box when I was a kid. Each school year I got a new (metal) lunch-box with thermos and each year dropped and broke the thermos the first week of school! Maybe I'm a little more graceful since reaching adult hood.

              All said, I think I will check out those Rubbermaid Corningware bowls. I would love to keep a bowl at work but I share a space meant for one and there is absolute no room to store it other than atop my desk (and that doesn't look very professional).

              1. re: MysticYoYo

                I bought a 3 piece set of Pyrex bowls that had snap on lids at Walmart. The smallest one is perfect for soup, and the lids snap on very tight. Here is a link, because you can get them individually.