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Nov 9, 2007 02:52 AM

Costco Mexican Coca Cola - - No!

Picked up a case of Mexican Coca Cola in glass bottles at Costco in Novato - yikes!

A fairly tasteless drink long on carbonation but short on syrup. Like many soft drinks producers, tastes like they cheaped out.

Won't be buying it again - disappointment's the word.


Good surgar cane cola available at Suppenk├╝che in San Francisco.

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  1. If anyone knows how to get Kosher coca-cola, I'd love to find out. Apparently Kosher coke is made with sugar, not corn syrup.

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    1. re: hi standards

      Only coke that's kosher for Passover is made with sugar instead of corn syrup. You generally see it around in kosher food displays at that time of year (around Easter, for you goyim) and there are usually reports of sightings on this board for coke enthusiasts.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I don't know why the Kosher Coke would be any more to the liking of the OP. Sounds like he's just not a fan of the Coca Cola brand.

        1. re: lexdevil

          The sugar instead of more typical corn syrup gives it a different flavor supposedly.

          1. re: Louise

            Add to that the nasty unhealthy nature of HFCS.

            1. re: PolarBear

              Are you aware that fructose is the sugar found in fruit? Of course HFCS is not just fructose, but it's the fructose component that is commonly demonized, which I find ridiculous. I know this discussion is probably leading down a bad road, but you opened the can, so to speak.

            2. re: Louise

              Yes, sugar is better. But the Mexican Coke at Costco is made w/ the OP's issue is more than just sugar v. HFCS. I'm simply saying that Kosher Coke w/ sugar will probably be just as "long on carbonation but short on syrup" as Mexican Coke w/ sugar.

            3. re: lexdevil

              I agree. However, I was responding the the query by the follow-up poster asking about kosher *for Passover* Coke.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Understood. Didn't mean to sound critical of your answer, which was to a query about Kosher Coke. Was simply clarifying that it was unlikely to be substantially better (whatever that means) than Mexican Coke.

                My latest reply was to Louise. I do think that Coke (Kosher or Mexican) w/ sugar tastes better than Coke w/ HFCS. And I'm a committed Coke drinker. I hate it when fountain drinks have too much syrup, so I imagine the OP and I have very different taste on this issue (I absolutely detest the Boylan's cola product).

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  Yes, thanks, the coke for Passover. I've never been able to find it. If anyone ever sees it, I'd love to know where. My son actually likes the Mexican coke from Costco. I've only tasted Mexican coke when I've been in Mexico and I thought it was ok. Maybe Waterboy got a really bad batch or maybe they've watered it down to save costs.

                  1. re: hi standards

                    We bought some of the coke in the last week. It is sooooo much better than American in a can coke. It is very close to what I drank growing up in the 50's.

                    1. re: Janet

                      Real Sugar Dr. Pepper

                      I buy their syrup and make my own 'Fountain soft drink " with ice cold sparking water.

                      Tastes fantastic!


                    2. re: hi standards

                      My pet peeve: cheaped out drink. If I want a rippin' good coke, I go to a restaurant with a bar - usually avoid Costco soda, but the Mexican stuff looked too good to pass up.

                      Made lime soda at home yesterday, possibly more additive than stuff illegal....used real sugar, a highbrow thing.

                      1. re: Waterboy

                        Kosher Coke is nothing more than a marketing ploy....cane sugar or HFCS are both available in "Kosher" certified there is no reason other than "creating" a marketing niche....

                        1. re: Pollo

                          Kosher *for Passover* is made with sugar only. Grain-based products, including corn-syrup, are not considered kosher during Passover except for specific Passover foods.

                          Believe it or not, some people actually find it important for their religious/spiritual lives to "keep Kosher" -- a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years. Food producers may be exploiting this "marketing niche" but they're not "creating" it.

                          1. re: Ruth Lafler

                            So it's OK to use corn-syrup for "some" Passover foods but not others....interesting?

                            1. re: Pollo

                              It depends on the beliefs and traditions of the person in question. For many, wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and oats are the five grains prohibited during Passover (if they have come into contact with water for longer than 18 minutes during preparation, anyhow). For some, that list is expanded to include rice, legumes, and corn. Thus, anything with corn-syrup would not be permitted during Passover for people using the larger set.

                              1. re: ccbweb

                                Even mor einteresting...thnak you. Any idea as to the 18 minute water contact rule?

                                1. re: Pollo

                                  I'm starting to get out of my depth on that question...I'm fairly certain it has to do with the line at which fermentation is determined to have begun which then gets into the definition of leavened and unleavened. I'm not sure why 18 minutes is the line.

                                  All of that is why Kosher Coke, specifically with only sugar, is so prominent during Passover as opposed to other times of year...I believe more people follow the more strict rules during Passover.

                              2. re: Pollo

                                No, I meant it's okay for some Passover foods to be made from grains -- matzoh being the most obvious example -- but they have to have been made under very strict guidelines and certified as specifically Kosher for Passover.

                                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                  Just out of curriosity is the Kosher Coke any more expensive than the "regular" Coke?

                                  1. re: Pollo

                                    I wrote to both Coke and Pepsi about their "original" sodas containing real sugar. Coke emailed me a typical corporate reponse stating that all sugars are equal and that Coke is made with the cheapest available ingredient: HFCS,beet sugar, or real sugar. There are no plans to ever make the "real thing" again. I told Coke that I taste a difference and I prefer real sugar. Probably the Passover Coke is something other than sugar but who knows? Pepsi responded enthusiastically! They already have a real sugar cola but good luck in finding it! It is not in original Pepsi packaging and is sold under a different name which I can't remember. There is another batch of real sugar Pepsi due out soon in December? I would say from my dealings with the two companies to tell Rabbi to get his Passover cola from Pepsi or drink water if it is Kosher water. They are probably adding HFCS to water now!

                                    1. re: Pollo

                                      Kosher for passover coke is not any more or less expensive, the main way to tell which one is which at that time of year is to look at the lid, usually the use yellow for the kosher for passover cokes and white for the regular ones with HFCS.

                                  2. re: Pollo

                                    For Ashkenazi Jews, it's never okay to use corn syrup or any other corn product during Passover. The only grain product that's okay is matzoh and that's made with special wheat flour. For more info re this, you can go to the kosher area of Chowhound and ask questions or continue this discussion.

                                    As for Coca-Cola, during Passover they produce a version of Coke that doesn't have any corn syrup in it and that is sweetened with sugar (I don't know whether this version contains cane or beet sugar -- both would be kosher for Passover.) Some folks stock up on this version of Coke because they think that it tastes better than the Coke that's produced with corn syrup throughout the rest of the year, and that is also kosher, but not kosher for Passover.

                  2. Did you check the label to see if it is actually Mexican bottled Coke made with sugar? I think some Mexican bottled Coke is now turning up with HFCS.

                    Not that it would, necessarily, change anything; I'm not a fan of Coke made with sugar myself.

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                    1. re: ccbweb

                      You're correct, you do need to check the label.

                      1. re: PolarBear

                        The Mexican Coke I bought at Costco recently is labeled "sugar."

                        1. re: lexdevil

                          Really? The last time I checked Mexican bottled Coke was labeled "sugar and/or HFCS". That's when I stopped buying it at taquerias. Does Costco get it from a different bottler?

                          1. re: Hollow Leg

                            Dunno. But the bottles I picked up had a white sticky label that reads "water, sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine." Bottler is: Compania Embotelladora de Culiacan, S.A. de C.V. Mexicali, B.C."

                    2. Help me!!!

                      Where can I but Mexican Coke in San Francisco (or Marin?)

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                      1. I disagree completely. The Costco Mexican coke is not simply an assembly of syrup and sugar. I love and buy it for it's power to take me back to childhood.
                        What with the shape of the bottle, the sweat forming on the glass when cold and the lack of the odious after taste of corn syrup.

                        I don;t like regular coke, especially the one sold in plastic jugs. But the small bottle made with cane sugar at Costco are a treat.
                        Naturally, if you are comparing it to microbottlers cola drinks, it is clearly not in the same league. But it's Coke the way it was when I was a kid and that's enough for me.
                        Sadly, Costco seems to have discontinued it for the time being.

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                        1. re: conticreative

                          Not sure if this applies to the mexican coke, but apparently Costco will no longer carry Coca-cola products due to some pricing issues.

                          1. re: saeyedoc

                            I've seen the signs posted at costco stating the same. Has anyone found a replacement outlet for mexican coke? Looking for the same quantity/price preferably in the eastbay. Thanks for the assistance.

                            1. re: npsingh

                              I've seen it at Target down here in the central Valley, not sure about price equivalance.

                              1. re: npsingh

                                Coke is back again at Costco.....they resolved issue.

                                1. re: celeryroot

                                  Thank you! Went to the Costco in Danville and picked myself up a case today

                                  1. re: npsingh

                                    Trader Joe's has a few flavors of Hanson's "cane" sugar sodas.

                                    Root beer is quite nice.