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Nov 9, 2007 02:10 AM

anybody know anything about alain giraud's new santa monica brasserie?

it got mentioned in the LA times food section, but just briefly. apparently he's going for the full on traditional deal, which sounds mighty mighty fine to me. any updates on this place? or am i just missing something and you guys are talking about it in the thread right below this one only i don't realize it because i don't know what it's called hehe...

** edit **

alas, it's nowhere near open. i just found out a little more about it after digging a bit deeper:

have they come up with a name yet? any further news? this is the most exciting non-ramen blip on my radar at the moment...

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  1. ANISETTE was reported by to open in late Feb. Of course it is more than 6 months off its original target date so timetables always move, but does anyone know the progress?

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      what a beautiful name for an undoubtedly beautiful trad. french brasserie. maybe my expectations are too high. aw heck, it's alain giraud! can't wait.