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Nov 8, 2007 11:26 PM

Jacques Torres UWS - chocolate

Jacques Torres has opened a new chocolate factory on the UWS (amsterdam near W74). they have a location in dumbo and the LES. i've never tried their chocolate but i was planning to head downtown until i realized a location was opening in my nabe.
what's the word on this place?

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  1. I LOVE Jacques Torres chocolates. I hope they have the hot chocolate there too (the wicked is really good and spicy). I had heard they were opening, but didn't realize they were *already* opened. I was thinking of posting on the "favorite food block" with the little jag from Fairway to Zabar's; now I'll have to add this in too!

    1. Chocolate chip cookies are great. Hot chocolate is very good, though my favorite is still City Bakery. I like their bars. I haven't had a lot of their truffles, but what I've tasted has been good, though not the best.

      1. Walked by last night - they are definitely open and selling stuff, but I wouldn't count on everything being available as the space looked quite unfinished. It looks like they are still working on pulling everything together.

        1. Jacques Torres is excellent. One of the top chocolatiers in the city. I like their bars (creme brulee is very tasty), truffles/bonbons, malted milk balls, and ice cream sandwiches.

          The hot chocolate is good but not as good as other places in the city (the wicked isn't spicy enough for me). That said, the new location looks quite spacious, so it could be a good place to hang out dependent on how late they're open.

          Their other two locations are in DUMBO and Tribeca, BTW.

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            Jacques Torres downtown is on Hudson Street and King, not Tribeca.

            1. re: Toot

              Best chocolate chip cookies - they will rival Levain on the UWS! I can feel a war breaking out!

              1. re: Toot

                Well, alright, it's in that weird zone below Houston street and above Canal (so not technically Tribeca but it doesn't really feel like West Village either).

                1. re: kathryn

                  as selizara mentioned, they are open but still unfinished. we dragged ourselves over 20 minutes ago to find the place closed. a sign on the door says, "temporary hours - 12pm - 7pm". will try tomorrow. between this place and the new opening of grandaisy, we are gonna gain 20 lbs before the end of this year. i am still waiting for a great burger/fries/onion ring place to open on the UWS as they've been spurting up everywhere else.

            2. I love their milk chocolate nut bark and have had their milk chocolate with ginger, also good. BUT ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER ATE was a chocolate croissant from the DUMBO location. It's actually a regular croissant, with a pocket of chocolate in the curve of the croissan--not hard, not liquid, but not pasty either. The croissant was buttery and flaky, the chocolate not too bittersweet. I just loved it. Unfortunately, I believe they only make them on the weekends. I am very bummed that Jacques will be doing a demo at the Chocolate Show tomorrow, but not selling his stuff, as he has in years past. Boo hoo.