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Nov 8, 2007 10:07 PM

need puff pastry recipe w/ artichoke & herb cheese filling

Just bought "puff pastry petites" at Costco & really liked one of the selections....artichokes with garlic & herb cheese. Excellent texture, crispness, & flavor...just that there wasn't enough filling & kept wanting more in every bite. Then I thought why don't I try to make these myself? The filling was tasty, so I looked at the ingredients. Basically brined artichokes mixed with herb & garlic cream cheese and mayo. Do any of you know a recipe such as this? What are brined artichokes? I usually buy the Trader Joe's bottles or some other from Safeway (not Cara Mia, too oily!). Take a bottle of marinated artichokes, blend with boursin or some other brand cheese? What do you suggest? Also, what proportion of mayo to cheese? Any good frozen pastry sheets out there (Costco puffs were "100% butter" & deeelicious)? I always use Pepperidge farm because that's the only one I know.
I am hoping to make this for Thanksgiving.


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  1. I'm sure by brined artichokes they just mean those marinated artichokes that you find everywhere. I found this hot artichoke dip from Alton Brown but it includes some other ingredients so you may just want to take those out to taste. If the filling was more set then perhaps trying to add an egg or something. I use Trader Joe's brand puff pastry which is all butter, the pepperidge farms uses hydrogenated oils and stuff. If you don't have a Trader Joe's try Whole Foods or a similar organic/health food store for those 100% butter or even try a bakery and ask if you can buy their puff pastry. Good luck in recreating this.

    1. you could try exactly what you described- herbed goat cheese and chopped artichoke wrapped in feta- like spanikopita.. I also frequently buy the phyllo cups and put anything I can find side... a slice of artichoke and teaspoon of your favorite melted cheese is so easy or brie and pears! the list goes on forever.

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        Thank you, I will try Trader Joe's or Whole Foods for pastry sheets. And AB's recipe looks so easy! Also, I did buy frozen phyllo cups once looong time ago but found it dry. I recall just having to thaw it & serve. Perhaps I didn't prepare properly?