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Nov 8, 2007 09:39 PM

Mansion Diner on 86th & York

Has this diner reopened yet? Last time I was in NY it was being remodeled. They had the best Split Pea Soup on the U.E.S.

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  1. been open for awhile!!!

    1. The soups are as good as ever. The beef stew on Tuesdays is still great, but the chicken scampi has taken a nosedive, as has the turkey dinner. The last couple of times the coffee was awful but all in all we still like the place.

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      1. re: Brian W

        Can anyone post pictures of what it looks like now? I hear it looks great since they remodeled it.

        1. re: Sheepshead Bay Man


          I just saw the place yesterday after several years and the place looks amazing. I cannot believe the place is the same. The food was also excellent with an expanded menu. Best of luck to the owners whomever they are.

          1. re: Sheepshead Bay Man

            The Mansion got a facelift and it's been re-opened for months and months already. The food is not great - not now, and it never was. It's a diner and some food there is reliable in that diner way, but that's it. The Mansion is all about the people - not the food. Their pastas are still bad, their soups are usually okay (their matza ball soup is great), and the burger is always decent. And the Greek salad is a safe bet. Sometimes their specials are okay, like lamb chops.