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Nov 8, 2007 09:12 PM

Joule (SEA)

New place opened by former chefs of Coupage (next to the Washington Mutual on 45th west of Meridien in Wallingford) Loved the Bleu d'Auvergne/shittake (tomato-less) lasagna, a jewel of a pasta, surprisingly delicate but earthy and satisfying, reminiscent of the cannelloni they used to make at Coupage. Short rib (kalbi) and prawns also enjoyable. Food seems a bit more straightforward than Coupage used to be but with stronger hints of Korean-French. Casual minimalist decor and open kitchen. Will definitely be back.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I loved loved loved Coupage under Rachel and Seif and was so disappointed when they left (although it sounds like they had pretty solid reasons). I can't wait to try Joule, I'm so glad they're back!

    1. Thanks for the review ... I'm going Sunday.

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        Tried the blackened poussin (small chicken), very moist and tasty, also the pork dumplings w/ crispy lard (very nice), and the veal sweetbreads w/ tonnato sauce, delicious (and a bargain at $12). Waitress a bit confused but hopefully that will pass with time. Enjoyed the Kurosawa kimoto junmai sake too.

      2. I went Friday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The bison dish was outstanding; it came with garlic chive chimichurri (glorified pesto) and thinly preserved garlic to give a nice, unexpected kick. The creme fraiche in the spicy beef soup didn't calm the savory hot-pepper spice, just the after burn, allowing the tender beef and leeks to shine. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a little adventure. I can't wait to try the kalbi dish, the woman sitting next to me seemed to really enjoy it.

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          I ran into the most recently departed Coupage chef last night. He is happily ensconced in Canlis of all places.

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            the cucumber kimchi is very refreshing, like tsukemono, juicy and flavorful with just a hint of heat, good enough to stand on its own as a veggie dish

          2. I missed it before the chef left Coupage. The menu sounds intriguing. Does it change often?

            1. I found the food interesting but not nearly as 'wow' as Nancy Leson's review. The food didn't have enough flavor for my palate. The seats are very uncomfortable and the dining room with the gleaming/new open kitchen makes for a noise level that's not conducive to relaxed conversation with dining partners.

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                i agree the bar seats could be a lot more comfortable....and a foot rail at the bar wouldn't hurt either...pork dumplings a bit hard last time i had them there...

                1. re: barleywino

                  I agree with you on the pork dumplings. They generously offer a steamed bun as their "amuse-bouche" which tasted & chewed almost styrofoam-like (?) it was so overcooked. More of the sauce they came with would have helped camouflage the bad texture

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                    First visit this weekend, with a party having collectively zero experiences at Coupage. I personally dislike hum bow, and I agree that the pasty amuse is poor; an utter waste of calories. The daikon and pear kimchee was considerably spicy, a great touch emphasizing the Korean influence here. I found the pork pumplings properly cooked The bison steak with chimichurri was very nice, although my wife would have preferred a better cut of meat for the dish than hanger. Even better was the octopus, which achieved a uniquely tender texture for this mollusk (esp. considering a few exceedingly rubbery versions I have had at Korean places in the past), nicely enhanced by the "pistou" (looked as if it was the same as the chimichurri, but tasted differently) and black vinegar sauce. Short rib kalbi-style was also very good, presenting a new take on the classic Korean dish. The only dish that didn't work at all was the bleu d'auvergne inside rice noodle as a dessert--tasted like a barnyard smells...

                    In sum, greatly innovative and well-executed fusion at reasonable rates.