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Nov 8, 2007 08:47 PM


Anyone know of a market where I'll reliably be able to get a decent variety of apples (hopefully including some heirloom varieties) into the winter? Cambridge, preferably, but I'm willing to explore...

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  1. Whole Foods Markets has been doing a pretty good job of stocking Massachusetts grown apples this year. Honeycrisps have been spectacular; galas have been good, too. Things get dicier in the winter. Still good variety, but mostly imported. In the days of my youth, local orchards stored apples in a sand pit at about 40 degrees F, and they were pretty decent right through the winter. I haven't heard of that lately.

    1. Not in Cambridge, but Russo's in Watertown and Wilson Farms in Lexington usually have a decent variety of apples, along with lots of other great produce.

      1. There are so many wonderful orchards in and around the immediate area. You should contact them to see what they grow in the winter. The website has lists of Essex County farms, but my guess is that you can find lots of others around. And if they have picking, it is a great activity. Plus, you are supporting local farmers, and you know where your food comes from. Enjoy!