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Nov 8, 2007 07:06 PM

Crust Pizza and Wine Cafe, Scottsdale AZ

Crust is a new restaurant in the place formerly occupied by the short-lived News Cafe branch in the strip mall on the SE corner of Hayden Rd and Indian Bend Rd in Scottsdale, next to Sakana.

I got a Margherita to go, tonight. The rectangular pizza ($15.50) comes in a 14" x 18" box, which it nearly fills. Crust is an appropriate name, the pizza seemed to be made on a thick, pre-baked crust. It was topped with a generous amount of red sauce, and eight, carefully placed, slices of cheese, with a smattering of very small basil leaves.

It was pretty good, but, not really for me. I'm too old to eat this much bread.

For those who like thick crust pizza, it might be worth checking out. There's lots of other things on the menu. Looking at the menu, I'm afraid that it might be like the Wildflower Bakery, where, they're just a bit too proud of their bread, and insist on serving it with everything.

It was worth a shot, but, I'll be driving the extra mile and getting my next take-out pizza from The Cove Trattoria.

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  1. I am a fan of thick crust, but why doe sthis sound awfully pricey to me for what you describe?

    1. Sounds more like Sicilian-style tomato pie, not pizza. Tomato pie really is bread topped with...sauce and what-you-will.

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        It sounds like the pizzetta @ Andreoli, which is the only thing I've had from there that I really didn't enjoy.

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          I work right next door and we were salavating at the thought of a pizza place/winebar for post-work visits. We went a couple weeks ago and I don't remember the exact details but nobody is itching to head back.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The original comment has been removed

            I didn't see this prior to posting my own thoughts. So maybe someone would like a different review of this place. Basically at first my thought were agreeable to these reviews, however since I have gone back and tried some different items I truly enjoy the place now.

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              Thanks for the report, Steph.

              The main reason I linked the earlier post was to help folks (like myself) who might be wondering where Crust is located. The Southwest board covers several states, so it's always a good idea to note the city (and sometimes the state) for the restaurant you are writing about. The "Link to a place" tool (see below) offers a handy dandy way to provide people with the street address (and phone #, web address, etc.) for the restaurant.

              Welcome aboard! :-)