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Nov 8, 2007 06:41 PM

Leftovers: Lemon Chicken and Grilled Talapia

Leftover chicken from last night and leftover Talapia from tonight. Don't want to throw these away and not sure what I can do to reuse them singularly or in combination.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Talapia sandwich on ciabatta? For the chicken I'd make some angel hair and mix that up, maybe a few capers?

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    1. re: food_eater79

      Those are good suggestions. Thank you.

      I'm just terrible at coming up with ways to use leftovers. I just love cooking but my mind just blanks when it comes to leftovers. I just don't have that creative gene.

    2. I make fish tacos with leftover grilled fish. Flake the fish, wrap it in foil, and heat it in a low oven. It doesn't have to be super-hot for the tacos, which prevents the fish from getting overcooked, which is the biggest challenge in using leftover fish.

      I prefer corn tortillas to flour but you could use either. For condiments, I usually make a creamy cole slaw with mayonnaise, Chipolte Tabasco, garlic to use as a condiment. I also buy fresh salsa and add avocado, mango to it.