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Nov 8, 2007 06:07 PM

Organic Turkey

Costco is selling a kosher "organic" raw frozen 14-16lb turkey for $100! Is it worth to pay four times the price to have a turkey that, to quote Costco

"... Their turkeys are raised on small family farms, by farmers who do things the old fashioned way. They feed these turkeys organic vegetarian feed, give them plenty of fresh air and sunshine ..."

Does this turkey taste so much better to be woth such a high premium? Good gosh, "plenty of fresh air and sunshine".

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  1. That is nuts. You can go to D'Artagnan and get great turkeys of all varieties for less than that, fresh, not frozen. They run about $70-80.

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      Um, D'Artagnan isn't kosher. If the kosher is only 25% more expensive, that's pretty good. Especially since kosher poultry shrinks less in cooking, because of the salt content, so 15 pounds of raw kosher turkey gives you more meat than 15 pounds of raw treife turkey.

      The question is whether "organic" turkey, kosher or not, really tastes so much better as to justify the price. Assuming that one doesn't buy the claim that it's healthier, or more ethical, or whatever.

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        btw, that $100 price also includes the 2 day shipping costs

        1. re: berel

          That may be true, but $100 is still $100 the breakdown as to its cost components, farmer, shochet, Cosco, packaging, shipping etc is irrelevant. Way too high for a raw frozen turkey. In fact as Thanksgiving approaches, one can usually find discounts at the major supermarets for frozen Empire birds resulting in closer to the $20 level for this size turkey.

    2. Yes their turkey is delicious. I normally order direct from wise

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        So to order direct is $5 a pound ($75 + shipping) vs Costco ~$6.50 a pound (w/ shipping). I just got a circular from Key Food and they are charging $1.69 a pound for Empire Frozen or $25 for a 15 pound turkey. I would venture that near Thanksgiving one should be able to get it for ~$1.29 a pound or almost $20 for the 15 pound bird.I therefore will be able to buy 4-5 turkeys for the same price as one of Costco's - Let me think about it ... :)

      2. I guess it all depends - if you're like me and live in Phoenix, it's almost impossible to find a kosher turkey - fresh or frozen. If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know. I've called each one of my local supermarkets and so far have had no luck trying to find a kosher turkey for Thanksgiving. Worst case scenario is that I'll bite the bullet and order one from Costco. It times like these that I really miss living on the East Coast where I can get a kosher turkey any time of the year.

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        1. re: charlieboy

          I would think either at:

          Imperial Kosher Market
          1145 E. Glendale Ave.
          Phoenix, AZ 85020; 602-285-6999

          4818 N. Seventh St.
          Phoenix, AZ 85014; 602-285-1515

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            A Google search reveals which will ship an Empire frozen turkey of up to up to 24lb! Don't know what the cost is with shipping. I assume one can place an order online and not complete the order if it costs too much. Most web sites will show the full cost before the final submission.