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Nov 8, 2007 05:36 PM

Fit and Foodie?

I'll be spending about a week in New Orleans this month and will visit all my favorites (including Galatoire's at least twice just for the shrimp remoulade). What I'm about to ask may have you scratching your heads and wondering about my sanity, but here goes: Anyone know of a restaurant near the French Quarter with (gulp) healthy food? I don't want sprouts and avocado, just something to break up 7 days of butter and sauce and beignets.

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  1. Rio Mar has wonderful seviche and other Tapas at South Peters and around the corner is sushi not too far from the FQ.

    1. You can get a healthy breakfast at Surrey's. It isn't too far from the french quarter. There is also 13 in the maringy that has pretty healthy stuff. Rio Mar is a good choice. Sukkho (sp?) Thai in the maringy has great Thai food...which I think is generally healthy...great whole fish dish.

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        Thanks for the tips! These all sound worth a try.

      2. I posted to this board in July about a similar question, and got some great answers. The link is:

        1. Carla,

          This reminds me of an episode at Commander's some years back. I was asked to host a party of 13 at the last minute, and got us all in. Two of the guests were from Boulder, CO, and one asked the waitress for the "Healthmark" menu. Her reply was, "dawlin', this is New Orleans, we ain't got no Healthmark... " or something very similar. However, even after having grown up and living in the NOLA environs for many years, I kinda' feel the same way now. "Hey, do you have ANYTHING that is NOT swimming in butter?" I recall Christina's referenced thread, and think that you'll find some good recs. from it.

          Good luck, and please post your decisions/finds, as this is a very good thread.


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            Funny you should mention Commander's, where just 12 hours ago, I abandoned all hope of healthy for the apple flapjacks. Outstanding. OUTSTANDING. Yesterday, we found by complete accident a turkey muffaletta at French Market Cafe-- toasted sesame seed bun, olive salad, hot turkey, and just a touch of cheese. That was heaven. Also had a great "light" dish (that comes with a side of beurre blanc!) at Redfish --- grilled redfish with grilled shrimp and veggies. With an added side of broccoli, it was a very clean meal. I'm venturing out of the Quarter tomorrow -- must walk off flapjacks -- and will report back.

            1. re: Carla Burke

              Carla, thanks for reporting the "healthy" sightings. Maybe I do not have to diet for a month, prior to going to NOLA anymore, just so I can still fit into my trousers for the plane trip home. [Grin].

              Now, I have to go get a copy of the Central Grocery's Muffaletta Menu, to take back to Mrs. Goldstein, who always went into a tizzy, when I'd order a "turkey Rueben." Her main server would always "shush" her, and say, just make the man's sandwich dear, and substitute turkey for the pastrami. He doesn't care if there is really no such thing as a turkey Rueben... "

              It is nice to see some cooks and chefs expanding from the tried, true and buttered recipes of old, even if they are the ones, that made them famous. Now, I love butter, probably more than the next ten folk, but one can reach the overload point - as I did in our "grand tour" some years back. I think that I dined on sushi for three weeks, just because of all the traditional preperations that I had encountered.

              Again, thanks for the update.