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Nov 8, 2007 05:34 PM

Late lunch in Chinatown

This is rather last minute but we are going to Boston tomorrow for an appointment and we'll be near Chintown. We thought it would be an opportunity to get some good, authentic chinese food, since here in Portland, ME this is impossible. Problem is that we will be eating on the late side, around 2:30 or 3 and I'm not sure (a) what would be a good choice, and (b) what is open at that time for lunch. Since we are pretty deprived of Chinese food given where we live now, we are open to suggestions, regardless of the regional origins of the food (szechuan, cantonese, or whatever). We are not afraid of spice or heat, either. Any thoughts?

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  1. Most restaurants in Chinatown are open at that time, you can try Taiwan Cafe, Peach Farm (Cantonese, seafood), or HK Eatery (noodles, BBQ, Cantonese). You can't go wrong with any of those, and you can also get baked goods from Mei Sum bakery for dessert.

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      Thanks so much--we'll try one of these!

    2. Good suggestions already. There's no szechuan to be found in Chinatown, sadly. Other options could be Best Little Restaurant or New Shanghai. I'd probably go to Taiwan Cafe though - split their eggplant & basil, an order of beef & yellow chives, and maybe a soup. Or Hong Kong Eatery for a bbq'ed half a duck or pork roast and some noodles. By the way, you may not have good chinese up there, but you do have Duckfat - and I would kill to have it around the corner from my house!