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Nov 8, 2007 04:39 PM

Looking for great place for out of town guests

It needs to be a place with corkage (got a great Mouton-Rothschild specifically for this dinner) but I'm not necessarily looking for a high-cuisine tasting menu. The rest of my party does not make loads of dough, so it needs to be a place they can kind of afford. (I'd prefer not to be responsible for the cost of the M.R. and the entire bill.)

Preferably around $60/person. It can be a wee bit over that and I can pick up the difference.

About a year ago I went to Bistro K and Opus and enjoyed both experiences, but it seems both are now under new ownership/chefs. Anywhere between Silverlake and Santa Monica is fine, downtown is great, but we'd prefer to stay out of the Valley - though this isn't a deal breaker.

Also, two of my guests are vegetarian, so please bare that in mind.

A lot of caveats, which is why I'm kind of stuck. It doesn't have to be FINE dining, but it should definitely be nice. Preferably someplace that is memorable with some slightly-adventurous dishes and some more traditional options for those who aren't up for a challenge. Thanks for your help!

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  1. La Terza on 3rd street has a vegetarian tasting menu on top of their standard italian pasta/rotisserie fare. And you should be under $60, though might be cutting it close if you order appetizer AND dessert... (


    Other than this, nothing in particular comes to mind right now, but most places should be able to accomodate vegetarians also ..?

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        La Terza's not a bad idea at all. Thanks again.