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Nov 8, 2007 04:21 PM

Restaurant recs for Hyannis in December?

My wife and I will be in Hyannis for a weekend in early December, and I don't know that area well. I'd love some recommendations for nice places for lunch/dinner within a 30-min driving radius. Thanks!

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  1. Sam Diego's has very good Mexican food believe it or not. Barry is an awesome bartender and makes a very good Hornito's Margarita. Alberto's is pretty good (nicer atmosphere), DJ's wings is a good place for quality wings ribs and beer in a refurb. train car with plasmas

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      Sorry, don't believe it. Sam Diego's has very standard Tex-Mex fare. No different than you'll find at say, a Chi-Chi's, or any other basic Mexican chain. It is a fun place, however, with a nice decor and they do pour good, albeit expensive, drinks. Alberto's is a far better choice, more upscale italian, in Hyannis. Also good, and open year round is The Roadhouse in Hyannis. If I were you I'd hit the northside on 6A in Barnstable and Yarmouthport where you'll find The Dolphin, Abbicci, and Inaho. All excellent, unique, and open for lunch and dinner year round. Do a search on this board and you'll find much discussion on all three.

    2. Take a look at this website posting. ( Check this out you may find some places within this listing that might fit what you are looking for and that are open this time of the year. Good luck, Earle

      1. In the quiet season It's worth finding a restaurant right in Hyannis, if you can avoid the tourist traps. Most places in Hyannis proper are just not anything special, and if you go to Rte 132 near the mall, you could be anywhere in the U.S. There are a few places that have low-key live entertainment, which can make a place seem seem busier even in December.

        Roadhouse is always a good choice, but go to the "Bistro" in the back -- same food, comfortable, a bit less stuffy than the main dining room, open later, and there's a piano player.

        Island merchant is excellent and has music most nights. Drinks there are better than the Roadhouse's. Chef/owner seems to be there 7 days a week -- food is really good.

        Many people do like Alberto's, but I think the menu is frozen in time -- unless you're pretty basic/traditional in taste, there are better choices for someone who has travelled a long distance to find a meal.

        If you like Italian, Abbicci is good, high-end, contemporary, but service can be odd. If you're looking to do Christmas shopping, avoid the mall - instead go to Mashpee Commons (20 minutes west on Rte 28) and eat at Siena there.

        Best lunch in Hyannis: Common Ground Cafe on Main St. every booth is hand carved from old tree trunks. funky, laid-back, everything homemade. Also consider Palio Pizza for quick/simple, good surroundings.

        Note -- Hyannis Christmas stroll is on a Friday in early december -- Main St closed to traffic, some free music outside, pubs/taverns/alberto's/roadhouse will be crowded on that night. go elsewhere.

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          Thanks, year-rounder! That's just the kind of tips I was looking for.