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Nov 8, 2007 04:03 PM

Should food be artiscally displayed

What is your opinion; Should food be artiscally displayed?
Would you rather eat a melon cut in half or peeled, seeded, sliced and fanned out or one that looks like a flower?
Are you impressed by food that has been transformed into art or would you rather just keep it simple? If there was an easy way to carve potato mushrooms or tulips from a carrot, etc. easier than sliceing or diceing and with no waste would you?
Your responce would be greatly apreciated as I am gathering information to see how nterested people are in changing the way we display food..

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  1. I think food should look attractive and appetizing. I tend not to be impressed with "artistic" displays of melon carving, etc. because, frankly, who cares? I'd rather have a really well-prepared potato that just looks like a potato than a potato Taj Mahal that doesn't taste good.

    1. taste over art... although, when the display is given I am very impressed. most people enjoy something that pleases the eye. I often question others sense of taste, but crazy knife skills will always have an impact on most.

      1. I get thoroughly annoyed by artistic or architectural food presentations. Give me a nice plate of good looking (Golden brown and delicious for example) food and I'll be happy. It should look good because it's prepared properly. Not because it's 14" high and has two chives balanced on it.

        I guess I learned that from the Italian guy at work. Presentation to an Italian is a platter of sausage, a bowl of pasta and a bowl of sauce. Bread and butter on the side of course.


        1. I don't want people playing with my food. It's not an arts and crafts project.
          Well prepared food is beautiful. Let it be. A well planned menu is balanced for color and texture. What more do you need? A lovely plate. A nice table.

          There's a big difference between the clever trompe l'oeil of meringue mushrooms on a Buche de Noel or those Virtual Eggs that Michel Richard makes of tomato and mozzarella and a bunch of over-handled food carved into shapes for no reason. I don't want anybody touching my food that much.
          If you really, really have to, cut up a few display things for a catering tray, but don't make me eat them, please.

          1. I'm not one for overly-artistic food displays, ala intricate carved fruit, a melon carved to show The Last Supper. I know the Royal Thai cooking schools are very much into carved fruit/veggies, and I used to know a lady who knew how to do this very, very well. She could carve a rose out of a radish (if I'm remembering right) and while it was gorgeous, I could only enjoy it from an artistic standpoint. I certainly wasen't going to EAT what just took her an hour to carve, and destroy it.

            Make the plate clean, and keep things minimal, that is alot more appetizing to me than overly-artful food that makes me feel guilty for destrying that someone worked hard to make look "pretty".

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              I met someone who knew how to do the Thai style carving, and as a display of skill, it's extremely impressive. She did a boat out of a cucumber. But she also set it up as a couple display pieces surrounded by food that was simply cut into pieces of munching. I thought it was a nice balance.