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Nov 8, 2007 04:03 PM

Kosher turkey?

Where can I get a kosher (Empire?) turkey in Manhattan? I don't want to go to a kosher butcher. An Empire turkey or Aaron's turkey will do just fine.
Does Fairway always carry kosher turkeys? I need at a bird of at least 15 pounds.

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  1. I'm almost certain that I've seen Empire turkeys at Fairway (the one up by Harlem).

    1. Fariway definitely carries Empire fresh kosher turkeys. Go to their website; they've got their turkey pre-order info - phone number, price/lb, etc.

      1. Thank you both banquo and striver. Fairway it is!!!

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          If you get stuck, try one of the Pathmarks--I believe there is one on or near 125th Street and another on or near South Street.