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Nov 8, 2007 04:01 PM

What wine do you recommend to go with Thanksgiving Turkey?

I love California Chardonnays and some reds, e.g. Ravenswood Zinfandel or a Saintsbury Pinot or Garnet, but would like to try something different for our Thanksgiving Turkey dinner. One year I tried guweirtzmeiner (sp???) and found it to be abit too sweet.
Does anyone have a good recommendation in the $15-25 per bottle range that goes well with turkey???

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  1. See for last year's list of recommendations. You should pay special attention to mine, of course. ;o)

    1. If the Gewurztraminer you tried was too sweet, you tried the wrong one. Dry Gewurz is an excellent match with turkey, as are Crus de Beaujolais, Pinots and lighter-styled Zins.

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        I have to agree with Zin. Altough, I would add Alsatian (Tokay) Pinot Gris and (Piedmont) Barbera to his list.

        Three Alsatian producers to look out for in the upper end of your price range: Dirler, Boxler, Albert Mann. All three are excellent values and make some terrific wines in the upper upper teens / low 20's. (Dirler, and particularly Boxler, also make some great wines higher up in the price categories.)

      2. Something American.

        If you have local vienyards and wineries, why not get something from them? It is after all a harvest celebration.

        In red something relatively light suits most people; in white, relatively full-bodied.

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          I have one word, Frank: Lafayette ;^)

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            Touché, mon vieux, touché !

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              You'll need more if you are to be comprehended.

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                OK, let's try three words: Marquis de Lafayette.

          2. We are having a Pinot Noir from Oregon...sorry I don't remember the winery it's coming from.

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              We'll be having Oregon Pinot Noir too- Rivers Edge from Umpqua Valley is one of our favorites.

            2. Since you like California Chardonnay, you could go with a good California Pinot Blanc like Chalone or Arrowood. If you want to swim around in ultra-geeky wine shops you could look for the Austrian version of Pinot Blanc called weissburgunder (or weisserburgunder) as I believe they "tend" to be a little better for pairing. And while you are at it, there is an Austrian red called blaufrankisch that I've never paired with Thanksgiving but is a light, non-tannic intensive red. Okay, those two are sorta bizarre so I'll try to come back to earth now. I have done Barbera's before and they work smashingly. A good one from California is not as easy to find though Renwood is out there in some parts of the country. And certainly, if this isn't something you want to spend a huge deal of time with, a good chianti classico (and you can find tons of good ones in your price range) works very well. Castello di Rampolla is a personal favorite of mine but then again that isn't a normal corner wine shop maybe I'm not helping much there.

              Bascially, I think there are two keys to pairing with Thanksgiving dinner. First, drink what you like and damn the specifics. This is a complex set of flavors on the table and few wines will be "ideal" with everything. And second, that being said, wines that tend to be more versatile rather than less are always going to hold you in good stead. Disclaimer, California Pinot Blanc is probably not a versatile wine in terms of pairings but a lot of people who like Ca. Chard will also like Ca. Pinot Blanc.

              Good luck!