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Nov 8, 2007 03:08 PM

Heading to the Food Show this weekend. Looking for recommendations. Budget is no object.

I'm a native New Yorker coming back home this weekend after many years for the food show. Looking to have fabulous meals and don't need to worry about the price tag. Please provide me with some of your favorites.

Thanks, in advance!

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    1. re: RGR

      Babbo - for the most inventive Italian in the city in a cool setting.

      1. re: Foodie94

        Thanks so much! I will report back!

        1. re: Foodie94

          Not sure its the most "inventive" Italian in NY anymore. I think A Voce and Insieme are more "inventive"...maybe even Sfoglia. That being said, Babbo is great, and unless you plan on getting there early as a walk-in (for the bar), you won't get a reservation.

        2. re: RGR

          ugh. skip eleven mad. completely overrated and underwhelming.

        3. Agree on A Voce and Sfoglia being more "inventive" than Babbo.

          I'd recommend Mas (farmhouse) as a great experience too, and heck, if price tag isn't a problem, try Per Se in the Time Warner Center.

          Btw, what food show is in town this wknd? I'll have to see if I can go! Thanks

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          1. re: Rafie

            There is the Chocolate Show at Metropolitan Pavillion, but the OP is probably not referring to that. I did go, and it is more like a department store sellling chocolate of every description, from Mars to Michel Cluizel, than a show..very crowded.

            1. re: Rafie

              It's actually the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show. If you are in the industry and can bring id, you can get in. It's a great resource. There's food, equipment, software, china, etc.

              Thanks for the recs!

            2. Yasuda
              Perry St. <---chance of getting last minute rezo
              Fatty Crab <--just the thing when you are hopscotching from high-end place to place.

              1. Wanted to provide a review of my great weekend. Thanks for all the advice. I probably should have listened to more of it. Here goes:

                Fri Night - Del Posto
                Food was great, room fabulous. The service was a little too attentive. I am sure to many, that's not a problem.

                Sat Night - WD-50
                Very interesting. I really appreciate Dufresne's confidence. He is so creative! Service very casual. We ate at the bar and the bartenders weren't too clued in to the menu. I know that if I were in that environment, I would want to know about everything and why we were serving and why WD created it. Also missed having a couple of less adventuresome items on the menu. I kind of wanted a salad course and really couldn't get one.

                Sunday Lunch - I was staying at the Mandarin Oriental so I had the opportunity to walk around the Time Warner. I stopped into Porter House for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and oysters. As an added bonus, I got to enjoy the live jazz for their Sunday brunch service. Menu looks good and service at the bar was efficient and professional. I will have dinner there the next time I am at the MO.

                Sunday Dinner - Aquavit
                What an experience. I adored the food but I can't tell you that I didn't adore the service as much. Every detail of this restaurant has been carefully planned out. The menu was so exciting. My favorites were the herring sampler and the venison. I had a great Aquavit cocktail called "The Red Slipper". Can't say enough about this place and will go to Samuelson's other two restaurants soon.

                Monday Night - Bar Masa
                Again, staying at the MO, I was a bit lazy after a day at the show. I had a fabulous dinner at the bar here. I started with the Spicy Tuna Tataki which was topped with this excellent micro cilantro...perfect flavor combo. Next I had a sunomono salad and then a grilled avocado and unagi maki. All very well done....Pleasant, unobtrusive service at the bar. Nice experience.

                Tuesday Lunch - Jean-Georges
                I was disappointed as I was planning to eat at Anthos. I walked over there to learn that they were closed for a private event. I had a reservation there on Monday night but cancelled because I was beat from the show. When I cancelled, I told them I was heading over for lunch on Tuesday and asked if I needed a reservation. I was told I didn't. I am sure the hostess hadn't looked in the book to see that they were closed. I understood but I was disappointed.

                I had to head back to the MO to retrieve my car for the trip home so I thought JG was a good idea. Dining room was full but I was able to sit at the bar. I didn't partake in the prix fixe although I think it's a great deal at $24.07. I don't really do dessert so going a la carte made more sense. I had a great arugula salad with asiago vinaigrette and the tuna tartare. Both were great!

                I loved experiencing so any new places and have enjoyed reading all of your responses. I hope to visit again soon. I am always amazed at the ever changing frontier of th NY restaurant scene. You can never get caught up!

                Thanks, again!

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                1. re: southie

                  Sounds like a wonderful visit - thanks for reporting back! What was in that cocktail at Aquavit?

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    It was Aquavit NYC (their blend), Port Wine, a citrus juice and the garnish was an orange peel. It almost looked as good as it tasted!

                    1. re: southie

                      Mmm - sounds tasty - did you eat in the dining room? We've still only eaten in the Cafe in the front, and I really want to try the dining room - kept reading about the wonderful foie gras ganache. I also like the herring sampler - esp. the curried herring.