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Taps Sunday Brunch

Is it worth the drive from S OC?

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  1. If you love seafood, yes. The last time I went, my sister & I had ENDLESS plates of oysters; it was more than worth it, just for that. However, a colleague went a few months later & they didn't offer oysters. You might call ahead to see what they're serving.

    Taps Fish House & Brewery
    101 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821

    1. Yes, although the price has gone up. I think it is now $32 per person. When I went, it was in the $20s. Good food and raw oyster bar!

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        do you remember what varieties of oysters were/are offered?

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          I don't eat oysters, but I do remember they had a bar and there were people shucking them.

      2. Do they have a selection of smoked seafood? At the very least smoked salmon?

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          Yes, they had smoked salmon, along w/capers, cream cheese, bagels, onions, tomatoes...

        2. Good if you like all you can eat brunch. I don't see many smoked items, except for the salmon mentioned.

          They also have shelled shrimp, lots of hot entrees (rotates), fried calamari, pasta station, carve station, chocolate fountain, baked garlic, antipasti type stuff (marinated veggies), blintz/breakfast items, bananas fosters.

          If you are picky about oysters theirs isn't the $3-5 each type you get when you order ala carte off the menu. They seem fresh enough but it's not the biggest/best quality or tastiest.

          1. Agreed with most of what others said - if you like seafood and all-you-can-eat brunch, it's definitely one of the better ones in town (endless champagne/mimosas - or, alternatively, 2 pints of their in-house beers - don't hurt either). But they also have an decent selection of non-seafood stuff (including standard brunch stuff like omelet stations, assorted breakfast meats & griddled stuff, etc.) ~ oh yea, and a chocolate fountain.


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              Oh yeah - I forgot. If you like home brewed beers their brunch comes with 2 glasses worth, or you can stick with the champagne/mimosa.

              That's the biggest selling point for hubbie. ;)

            2. I went today...all this talk of oysters lured me back. The oyster variety they had were Totten Inlet (WA). They were very good; sweet and not too briny. I had half dozen; Mr OCAnn had a dozen. My sister had 2-3 platefuls. Delicious oysters.

              Other seafood were medium-sized shrimp, ceviche, honey smoked salmon, and fried calamari. At their Mediterranean bar there were hummus, slow cooked garlic, mufulettas, olives, cheeses, mushrooms and a few others I can't remember. Downstairs, there was a prime rib station, garlic mashed potatoes, jumbalaya, sausages, a chocolate fountain, ice cream, creme brulee, bananas foster, and lots of other baked goods. Oh, you can order an omelet from your table and they'll cook pasta to order.

              For the price of the buffet, you also get refills of coffee, champagne, oj...but if you order a soda, it's an extra $2-3 charge which I thought was strange. The $33 is easily worth it.

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                ooh. thanks for your review. sounds like for $33, the sunday brunch is quite the deal.

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                  I was there as well. I enjoyed it but, I don't believe that I enjoyed it as much as you did. I don't however regret going. I thought that the entrees were lacking. I don't believe that piece of beef was prime nor a rib roast. After sampling the deserts, which I believe are made in house, I would have saved more room for that end of the spectrum as they were very good. I did however get my fill of smoked salmon