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Nov 8, 2007 02:46 PM

Good but cheap - near the Philly Marriott

Hi all!
I hope I'm not repeating a previous post, but I couldn't find any from before that specified budget.. so I think this is new territory!

I'm looking for a place to go for dinner with a group of 6 people that vary in age (we're talking between 20 - 60 years old) on a Friday night. I'm picking the place but I'm not the one paying so I'm trying to find a balance between great food and lowish prices (Maybe around $20-30 per person, not including drinks... lower would work too if you know a place like that!) We're going to be heading to dinner after a long day so somewhere that was a quick walk from the Marriott on Market street would be ideal. I know this is a lot of specifications, but any chance anyone has a recommendation? I think we're all open to all kinds of food so as long as the place does what they do well then nice atmosphere where it's fun but not so loud that we won't be able to catch up is more important.

Thanks so much!!

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  1. PS - One place that a friend mentioned to me is Fork but she wasn't sure what the prices were like there. Does anyone have a rough idea? Thanks again!!!

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      Fork is on the pricier side; it can be close to $50 per person, without drinks. Also, it's at 3rd and Market, so it might be more of a cab ride from the Marriott, rather than a quick walk.

      Rangoon is a great spot in Chinatown, about 3-4 blocks from your hotel (112 N. 9th Street). Delicious and fairly inexpensive Burmese food.

    2. I would go to Ava. It is Italian and it is on 3rd Street - not too far of a walk, or a short cab ride, from the Marriot. It is probably around $25-30 a person, and it is BYOB so the alcohol doesn't play a factor in the price. Good food - let us know where you wind up...

      1. Vietnam would be a fun place to go and the food is terrific. You can share a big appetizer platter. It would be within your price range.

        1. Ava is at 3rd and South, and the Marriott is at 12th & Market, about 15 blocks away...definitely not a "quick walk."

          I also recommend Chinatown, Vietnam specifically.

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            Wow!! Thank you guys so much... these are super helpful. The dinner is in a week and I'll definitely let you know where we end up :)

          2. I travel to Philly a lot and stay at a great little inn on 12th and Spruce, called The Alexander Inn. A couple of my favorite restaurants are not far from there or the Marriott, such as El Vez (13th & Sansome), a very good, fun, not-your-typical Mexican food place and Monk's Cafe, (16th & Spruce), a Belgian style restaurant with good food and great beers. Happy dining!

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            1. re: bigredfsu

              Hey all

              Thanks so much for all your suggestions! We ended up at Branzino one night, and Rangoon the other.

              Branzino had a wonderful atmosphere and the service was excellent. I found that the appetizers were the best part of the meal followed by dessert but everyone else was thrilled with the whole thing. My problem was that I found my veal scallopini too salty, but no one else had even the slightest complaint so I was happy despite it not being my favorite meal! (That said, they were out of their signature Branzino so I'd still like to go back if I'm ever in town again to try that).

              Rangoon on the other hand was absolutely perfect!! The thousand layer break was so good that I wanted to order a second portion for my entree. But then every plate we got (we ordered a bunch and shared) was just as good!! The garlic shrimp was one of my favorites that I've had in a while. If anyone new is reading this, I'd definitely recommend Rangoon, especially if you're in town for a conference at the convention centre (it was just a couple minutes walk away).

              Thanks again for the help!