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Nov 8, 2007 02:36 PM

Can I use chicken stock as my base for turkey gravy?

This is my plan: spend this weekend making chicken stock using whole chicken parts, back, and feet along with a few aromatics. I'll freeze the stock. Fast forward to Thanksgiving. Can I use the chicken stock to make the gravy? I plan on using the turkey drippings and fond for more flavor. Will this co-mingling of poulty make for a funky flavored gravy?

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  1. It will work. if you are making the stock specifically for turkey, though, you can buy turkey wings and make a turkey broth if you wanted. I have done this. Either way will be good.

    1. The one word answer is yes, chicken stock will be fine...especially home made!

      1. Where are these whole chicken parts coming from?? If you're buying, why not buy turkey parts??

        It will be just fine with chicken stock though.


        1. Absolutely you can use chicken stock, and there will be no ill effects.

          1. Just make sure you use enough drippings for it to taste like "turkey" - at least if your guests are reasonably discerning. A certain family member who shall remain nameless thinks "gravy is gravy" (in jars and cans non less) but I gotta say, distinctly chicken-flavored gravy over turkey IS a bit weird...