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Nov 8, 2007 02:26 PM

Solo diner in Manhattan for Thanksgiving Day

I will be alone on Thanksgiving Day this year and want to have a great meal at a nice restaurant, preferably one with a communal table or other comfortable situation where others will also be dining alone. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you will be solo on Thanksgiving Day, but I'm impressed that you aren't going to let that stop you from having a delicious meal. :-)

    Iirc, dbBistro Moderne has a communal table. They are serving Thanksgiving dinner, and the food is bound to be excellent. Worth checking out.

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks, RGR, but dbBistro Moderne has no openings (according to Open Table). Any other possibilities?

      1. re: originalfoodie

        Restaurants often hold back tables from OpenTable. That may especially be the case with a communal table. So, to be absolutely certain that db is totally booked, give them a call.

        1. re: RGR

          I did just make a reservation at db Bistro Moderne for Thanksgiving, but since I've never been there the seating arrangement sounded a little odd to me--the reservationist said that they have several high-topped tables (with high chairs) seating from 2 to 6 people in what they called the bar area. It didn't sound so welcoming to me--have you (or anyone else) been there and could you tell me what it's like? What I had in mind was a regular table with regular chairs...Also, since I live on the Upper West Side, I'm interested in Telepan--anyone know what their communal seating is like? Again, thanks for all the input. I appreciate it.

          1. re: originalfoodie

            Unfortunately, we haven't been to db in quite a long time. I'd actually never seen the communal table -- only heard about it. Obviously, if they ever did have one, they've dispensed with it. High tables seem more appropriate for bar snacking, not a formal dinner. And even if you are fine with that, are they going to put 2 to 6 solo diners at each table? Overall, it doesn't sound like a very inviting prospect. :-(

            Le Pain Quotidien has communal tables in all their locations. In fact, that's one of their main features. I have no idea if they're serving Thanksgiving dinner.

            1. re: RGR

              You read my mind, RGR! The communal tables at Le Pain Quotidien were exactly what I envisioned. I doubt they will be open on Thanksgiving, but I will check.

    2. Hey originalfoodie, this is a great site:

      I'm thinking either Sylvia's or BLT Market or Telepan for me. I'm guessing that a lot of people will be in the same boat we are, so there won't be any weirdness at all about dining alone. It's actually a pretty darn good chance to meet some new folks in the city!

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      1. re: cimui

        I just called Telepan, and they aren't having a communal table for Thanksgiving :(...

        1. re: originalfoodie

          Ah, sorry, I just thought a communal table was preferable, not required. =(
          I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!

      2. Hi -
        Holidays are a time to gather with others and I was sad to hear you don't have anyone to be with. I hope you have a nice time wherever you end up.

        I thought you might want to look into

        they sponsor events/meals/holidays for those who don't have plans - very affordable and "normal" people attend!

        this year they are organizing a thanksgiving dinner at Spring Street Natural.

        might be something worth looking into???

        have a great one!

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        1. re: wolverinegal

          Thanks, wolverinegal. It is awfully sweet of you to post that! Please don't think it's always a sad thing, though. My folks live far from here, so I've almost always been a Thanksgiving "orphan" and hosted t-giving meals for other t-giving orphans. I actually enjoy it a lot: the emptiness of the city, rollerblading in the middle of a usually busy street, and most of all, bonding with other orphans. This year, for various reasons, I won't be able to host or see most of my crew, but that won't stop me (and it shouldn't stop anyone else!) from indulging, anyway. I look forward to a great meal ... if only I can pick which one! =)

          Do you have a favorite, of Sylvia's, Telepan, and BLT Market? Pretty different places...

          1. re: cimui

            If you are okay without the communal table I would strongly recommend Telepan. Wonderful food, great service. I would imagine the TDay menu will be great.

            1. re: Spiritchaser

              They only had large tables (for large parties) available, so I'll try it another time.

              1. re: originalfoodie

                How about compromising and eating at the bar at Telepan?

          2. re: wolverinegal

            I am one of the few who is willing to admit that his lack of Thanksgiving plans is totally depressing! Which is why I planned on skulking away to Flushing to go on a solitary expedition exploring the Szechuanese food stalls at Golden Mall, but The Lunch Club sounds like an interesting idea! I will have to look into it --- thanks for the info!

          3. Last year I went to Roy's in the Financial District by myself. I sat at their Chef's Table area (the counter facing the kitchen, and it was not uncomfortable at all, and was actually fun to interact with the chefs (as a biproduct got to taste alot of dishes that I did not order).

            1. not sure if they will be serving on T-day but Bouchon Bakery has a nice communal table and good food. there is always a buzz in the Time Warner Center.

              note though: the table and chairs are cocktail height as they are at DB Bistro. Not sure why this is an issue, but just wanted to make you aware.