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Nov 8, 2007 02:09 PM

Foster and Dobbs

Ok, hadn't been there for awhile, but seriously, there is not a better sandwich in Portland than the Mole Salumi with Cheddar and Chile/Tomato Jelly on Pearl Bakery roll that you get at Foster and Dobbs. Nicest people around too, tried 3 salumis and cheeses.

Problem was, it was pretty empty today and I fear that places like this won't stay around. Our tastes have demanded places like this, and F&D does it better than any, but how can there not be more traffic at 12:15PM at this place?

Anyone with thoughts on this or other great sandwiches?

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  1. Haven't had a sandwich at Foster and Dobb's, but I really like Curds and Whey for cheese.

    The best sandwiches I have had in town have been from Viande in City Market. They make their own ham and the roast beef is always rare and tasty.

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      Ah, rare roast beef... you fickle friend. So tough to find. By the way, New Seasons now carries Carnegie Deli corned beef, which is out of this world. Anyone tried Zuke's yet?

    2. Foster and Dobbs is a great little place to shop for cheese and specialty items. I've found some very nice wine and chocolate there and love the stuff from Salumi. So addictive! Luanne is always so sweet and talking me into trying just one more cheese. I have to admit, I've never tried the sandwiches. I'll have to give them a try.

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        I'm in the same boat--I go there for the cheese and sundries (the corona beans are my current favorites) because it's convenient to my house (and also because Luanne is so nice), but I've never had the sandwiches.

        I think it's not too busy on a weekday at lunch hour because it's in residential Irvington and most people in the area are at work.