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Nov 8, 2007 02:00 PM

Family eats in Portland and Freeport

Heading to Portland this weekend to spend some $1.10 Canadian dollars. Bit of a novel concept for us sweater-backs from north of the border....

Issue is we have two kids - 2 and 4 years of age. Can anyone recommend appropriate restuarants with good food in Portland and Freeport? We are staying at the Sheriton near the Maine Mall.

Doesn't have to be a "family-style restuarant", just one where children are welcome (or tolerated, if the foods is really good). The kids eat everything, and we are willing to travel reasonable distances.


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  1. If you really want to stretch those Loonies....

    Kids eat free on Sundays from 11:30-3:00 at Ricettas, and it's close to the mall. They have pretty good pizza. You can make special requests for pizzas on the buffett (they don't advertise that) and if your server is good, he/she will bring you a slice when it's ready before it goes out on the buffett.

    (ot - I have a "lovely" view of the Sheraton from my office window)

    1. there are all kinds of chain restaurants in the Maine Mall area including olive garden, uno etc. if that is what you are looking for....

      1. The mall is typically anywhere-USA and the food in that area is uninspired, chain restaurant, which in no way represent Maine or Portland. To take in the local flavor, head into Portland where there's lots to do and see, along with plenty of good eats. Kid-friendly places include Flatbread (pizza, right on the water), O'Naturals (healthy fast food), Fuji (Asian), Sebago (typical American style food and brew pub), David's (more upscale American that can work for kids) and Local 188 (sort of Spanish style with a really cool interior). If you're looking for seafood, try DiMillo's, a floating restaurant.

        1. Worth the trip intown Portland to go to Flatbread pizza. Organic and local ingr, always lots of kids!

          1. Thanks folks!

            I should have mentioned that although we will likely hit a chain or two during our trip, we would prefer to hit some good local spots. How is Beale Streert BBQ?

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              The one in Bath is fantastic, great write-ups in Down East....