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Nov 8, 2007 01:55 PM

Chinese Restaurant with Good Vegetarian Options

Hey, I'm looking for a Chinese Restaurant with decent ambience and good vegetarian options for my fiancé’s birthday dinner. Preferably in Manhattan, below 57th Street since we live in Brooklyn and tickets to an event in midtown that evening. Thanks!

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  1. I'm no expert on Chinese, but I work in the area and my go to place for Chinese with good vegetarian options is Wu Liang Ye on 48th between 5th and 6th. The non-veggies I work with are very fond of the rest of the menu. Since I have only ordered from there, I can't speak to ambience.

    1. Phoenix Garden - 40th Street off 2nd....fab chinese food, odd location, often overlooked.

      1. While both of the above suggestions are two of my favorites, I find Shanghai cuisine much more vegetarian-friendly than Sichuan or Cantonese, so I'd recommend Evergreen.

        10 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016

        1. I haven't been there yet but Charlie K's fits the bill and seems like a good birthday/pre-event place (but the menu is extremely expensive compared to most Chinese food). Would be worth looking into or checking out threads.