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Romantic Restaurant near UCLA?

My husband and I finally got it together to get a babysitter and enjoy a show at Royce Hall and then dinner. We live on the east side and aren't up on what's been happening food-wise on the west side.

Any suggestions from the experts on chowhound? Cozy, romantic atmosphere is a big priority and quality food and wine. Price is not an issue since it's our big night out.

love to hear any ideas........

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    1. what time? if you're talking 10pm that changes things...

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          W Hotel maybe? This will not be easy...I would say make it 1015 and just go to Lucques or Kumo

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            I don't recommend W Hotel, too loud/crowded (a bunch of college kids clubbing and drinking)

            If you need someplace /really/ close to UCLA the only places are Napa Valley Grille, Tanino's, or maybe Palomino (The other 2 are better IMO) - not sure what time they're open til.

            If you have more time, you should head out to the Bel Air Hotel, but I think they close at 10 ... The Penthouse at the huntley hotel is open later, and they have great view and good food.


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              Thanks for all the suggestions. I was thinking of the Bel Air so I'll call and see what time they close. I just checked out The Penthouse on-line, very swanky, that could be a possibility, especially if the food is good.

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                it just hit me that you should go to craft...five minutes from westwood, and you could probably get in at 10

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                  Have we officially written off Eurochow? they have the table for 2 on a private balcony, but I think the food has gone downhill recently. can anyone confirm?

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                    Eurochow in Westwood Village has been closed for quite sometime IIRC.

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                      not surprising-has anything gone in its place yet?

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                    oh yeah, chef colicchio's joint. I heard some so-so reviews. Maybe they've worked on some things.

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                  Penthouse is nice and great views, but it depends on your definition of "romantic". It's loud and good people watching, trendy. Good food, but I wouldnt' choose it if I were in the mood for romance.

                  And - how can I put it delicately? How old are you? We're in our 50's and while we enjoyed the Penthouse, we felt a little out of place. It was great for drinks in the early evening, but as the night went on it filled up with younger people trying to make the scene; hearing deal-making going on in the booth on one side, and pick-ups on the other side was fun, but I wouldn't call it romantic.

          2. check how late the bel-air hotel serves dinner.

            1. Tanino is lovely - great food, beautiful, intimate, romantic atmosphere. The dining room is cozy and not loud. The chef always comes round to see how we liked our meal. I think you'd really like it.

              Napa Valley is nice, too but has more of a corporate feel. Palomino strikes me as being a little too bar-scene for romance.

              1. gardens on glendon isn't really romantic, but certainly nice and has a patio. there's also palomino in westwood proper.

                call and see if Upstairs2 could take you that late

                you could eat a light dinner beforehand, then grab a cup of cappucino and quiche and pastries at elysee.

                i wonder if Peppone would serve you that late over in Brentwood. that direction, i'd also call Palmeri and Vincenti.

                since you'll be heading back east presumably, you could hit up Magnolia or Honey (on Vine)

                Nirvana in Bev Hills

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                  i'd also add to maybe consider The Courtyard for tapas style dining on your way back toward the east side... had good dinner here the other night... ceviche, chicken albondigas, cedar plank salmon, tortillas, cinnamon arroz con leche... and open late