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Nov 8, 2007 01:06 PM

Restaurant recommendations near South Station?

Meeting someone at South Station and need a good meal nearby. Thanks

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  1. Depends on what you're in the mood for.

    Chinatown is very close by, and a board search will yield many good options.

    In the even-closer Leather District, Les Zygomates offers reasonably priced French food for lunch and dinner. O-Ya serves extremely expensive but excellent designer sushi, dinner only.

    And in the tip of the Financial District right by the station, there's Andale, which does decent lunchtime Mexican grub and Radius, a fancy sit-down spot that serves expense-account level New American lunch and dinner; I liked it the time I went, though it has a few naysayers on this board.

    1. Two good mid-priced options are Taiwan Cafe, in Chinatown, and Ginza (Japanese, sushi) also in Chinatown. I'm not a big fan of either Les Zygomates or its next-door neighbor Sorriso (mid priced Italian), but some like them and the atmosphere is quite nice in both of those places. Radius can be great but only if you want a kind of stuffy and very expensive experience. I don't think Andale is open for dinner and their food is uneven at lunch, in my opinion.

        1. I quite like Les Zyg for lunch - it's useful for a business lunch, has a few nice set options, and a nice bar. That said, it's not the best French in the city.

          Chinatown is very, very close and has a nice range of cuisine available - from Korean to Taiwanese to Cantonese to Shanghai.

          Radius serves a nice burger at its bar, if you want something more casual, but in an upscale setting.

          Sel de la Terre isn't terribly far away and has better food than Les Zygomates.