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Nov 8, 2007 12:52 PM

Nage or Brasserie Beck?

Want a cozy dinner tonight to stay warm. Havent been to either, I know Brasserie Beck is new and trendy but Nage just posted a new fall menu that looks delicious.


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  1. I haven't been to Nage...I in fact know NO ONE who has been to Nage, including a number of friends that live across the street from the restaurant. Awhile back I was asking around about it since it's near my apartment and they were running some sort of special but I couldn't get a response one way or another. Not entirely sure what that means but there is just no info/buzz about Nage.

    On the other hand I really enjoyed Brasserie Beck and especially think it's one of those great cold weather restaurants. For me there is nothing that makes me cheerful on a cold fall (oh please, who am I kidding. We skipped fall this year and went straight to winter) day then a big bowl of mussels and a warm plate of frites. It's a cozy restaurant with good food that doesn't cost too much.

    1. I've been to both, and liked them both. I like Brasserie Beck a little better. I love the beer selection at Beck, and I think the food is a bit better.

      1. I actually had a great meal at Nage a while back and have been meaning to go back. A nice looking room with straighforward American regional cooking. They have great deals during the week where you can pick from a few entrees and appetizers and get a restaurant week type discount. (That was a while ago so I would call to confirm).

        Becks has a totally different style of cooking. I love those Belgian beers. Probably a more lively atmosphere, but I would say Nage may be more "cozy."

        Try em both and report back.

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          The menu looks pretty good if not a little bit on the pretentious side...with all the duxelles, gastriques, and emulsions. Also sounds like they've got a vat of truffle oil back there, just waiting to be drizzled on anything that's edible. lol.

          With that said, I'd love to know if they excute the dishes well. So please report back!!

          Oh and Beck is Beck. Good food, good beer, not too expensive. Solid B+

        2. We went to Nage for my GF's birthday last February and we had a good time. I had heard nothing about it before we went, but we live nearby and I saw it listed on OpenTable so we decided to give it a shot.

          The food was good if a bit unremarkable. I remember having a really great squash soup and some kind of fish for the entree. The atmosphere was really nice; it was a very warm and cozy respite from a cold winter's evening. Looking at their new menu it appears they've added a few more traditional-type dishes than what they had when we went. Maybe we'll go back soon.