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Nov 8, 2007 12:51 PM

Looking for awesome brunch.

I'm on the hunt for a great breakfast or brunch place. One that serves many kinds of pancakes, waffles, and omelettes, good coffee, preferably with real maple syrup as an option. This is one thing we have not found since moving down here from Boston (compare: Johnny D's, Zaftig's, etc.). Need not be fancy at all - looking for something cheaper and more spontaneous than Georgia Brown's.

Capitol Hill would be perfect, but willing to go anywhere Metro accessible.

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  1. While it's not Zaftig's, I just discovered Dupont Grille as a great brunch spot. They have a wonderful deal which is around $19 for your entree, a yummy cream cheese filled muffin, a wine glass filled with fruit and then endless amounts of coffee, champagne, juice, bloody marys etc. The french toast looked pretty good. My friend got the eggs benedict which was big and filling. I had the lox and bagel platter which was nice. If you sit near the windows you can get some good Dupont Circle people watching in.

    Another place I like, especially this time of year is Tabard Inn. I'm mostly in it for the ambiance because I think the food can be a tad bit greasy at times. But its so comfy and warm in there and the food is decent enough for brunch (better for dinner).

    In the Capitol Hill area I have enjoyed the brunch at Belga Cafe. In particular I like their herbed eggs. The food is good, unfortunatly I find the service to be a tad bit snooty.

    I'm planning on checking out Hudson's brunch/breakfast soon so I'll let you know. But if you look at their menu it seems like it has a lot of what you would want.

    Finally, if you are willing to wait in line, or get there early (or have breakfast at 2am since they serve it 24/7), the Diner was always a favorite of mine when I lived in Adams Morgan. Sure its a mad house but their eggs are usually fluffy and their pancakes are diner classic and the coffee is good.

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      The Dupont Grille menu looks pretty good. Not to sound like a lush, but is it really unlimited mimosas/bloody marys? Their Web site makes it sound like the brunch comes with just one. Sounds like a good deal regardless, but might be easier to convince friends to go with unlimited booze. :)

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        Actually I'm not sure because I got just 1 glass of champagne. They do put an entire giant pot of coffee down for you though.

        If you are looking for unlimited amount of booze I would go to Beacon Bar and Grill (right down the street from Dupont Grille). I'm almost positive that it's a buffett brunch though just as an FYI. It's been a long time since I've been there but I do remember its unlimited champagne, bloody marys etc.

        I would call Dupont Grille to double check about their policy.

        1. re: Elyssa

          Perhaps it's too much to expect quality and quantity but my last time at Beacon (9/07) was rather mediocre. Their omelettes were underseasoned and the bloody marys were weak. I had three in quick sequence and could neither taste nor feel the bite of the alcohol much less any acidity or pepper. Their salads were also fairly boring (the cucumber-red pepper salad had none of the zip of fresh produce courtesy of sitting overnight and cold in a saccharine dressing) and there was little in the way of savory sides selections that weren't covered in cooking oil. I was unimpressed by the bland buffet and would not recommend it.

        2. re: WashDC33

          I've been there for brunch and it's a pretty good deal if you like all the included stuff it comes with.

          If I recall correctly, the booze is not unlimited but, of course, the coffee is.

      2. I did really well at Bistro Bis a few weeks ago. Very tasty.

        Whoops, just noticed the "something cheaper". Teaism?

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          Ah yes...I totally forgot about one of my favorites, Bistro Bis. Actually you can do Bistro Bis fairly cheaply (depending on what you consider cheap) because they usually have the 3 course meal deal for about $30 or so.

        2. What about Colorado Kitchen? I haven't been, but it sounds like it might be what you're describing.

          I actually think Open City is better now than the Diner (same owners). Somehow I don't think they have real maple syrup.

          1. Not on Capitol Hill but Creme is my current favorite brunch. They serve on Saturday which is less crowded than Sunday. If the wait is too long, I will walk across the street to Mocha Hut which is a more casual option.

            1. I don't know anywhere around here that does REAL maple syrup, so I have it at home. I really like Bistro Bis, it is a la carte and I can't remember how pricey it was. Out in NOVA there is the Celebrity Deli which has eggs in every possible way I can imagine. I haven't been there in like a year, but I doubt the place has changed much. But in Capitol Hill you have Market Lunch at the Eastern Market which makes super duper pancakes! Ohhh their blueberry pancakes. I want some right now, even. Also Tuncliff's does a decent breakfast too. Not upscale or gourmet but very good and cheap.