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Nov 8, 2007 12:33 PM

MSP: Is the food at Little Szechuan going downhill?

We just had a lengthy discussion at lunch today about Little Szechuan (on University Ave in St. Paul). Several of my coworkers regularly eat there, and they all noted a general decline in the food quality. One guy told me that the food was unremarkable the last FOUR times he's eaten at Little Szechuan. He usually orders the Chung King Chili Shrimp, and noted the shrimp seems to be getting smaller, and the dry spicy sauce is now liquefied.

Has anyone been to Little Szechuan recently? Have you had a similar experience? Has the chef moved elsewhere?

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  1. Single data point. My friend and I split the spicy tofu and the stir fried green beans for dinner last Friday. Both were very good. I can't comment on whether or not it's better or worse than it used to be as I make it over there only about every 3-4 months.

    1. i was there in may and thought the food was decent but not as good as in my first visit

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        chinese restaurants here are notoriously inconsistent.

      2. I was there on Oct. 26 (a busy Friday evening) with my daughter and two small children. The "Twice Cooked Pork" came out so cold and greasy that it was totally inedible. Rather than wait as the children became impatient, we took our entire meal home and used the microwave.

        Lee Green

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          We've tried their Twice Cooked Pork, too. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but, it was basically a dish of bacon. Very greasy indeed. I don't recall ours being cold, but, greasy, yes. Not my favorite dish at Little Szechuan (but, still better than the Rabbit Big Sister Style, my least favorite of all their dishes.)

          EDIT: P.S. as far as the general question, has it gone downhill? Well, the dan dan noodles and fish fillet and tofu in spicy tasty broth, two of my favorite dishes, were as good as ever on my most recent visit.


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            Twice cooked pork has been a favorite of mine in other Szechaun restaurants for 30 years. I agree that the un-smoked bacon is less desirable than what I was used to but cold and greasy was impossible. They wanted to reheat it when I asked for the doggie bags but a three year old and a five year old had already finished their dumplings and fried rice and we didn't want to let them get impatient.

        2. I've eaten there twice recently. I ordered a stir-fried beef dish. The beef was almost jerky it was so dried and overcooked. My friend, who is fluent in Chinese, insisted that the character for "jerky" was not in the chinese language description. The second time I had one of the noodle bowls for lunch and it was OK. I'm so underwhelmed I've gone back to Hong Kong Noodles. Yes, different type of cuisine...but consistently good.