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Nov 8, 2007 12:31 PM

Greenland Tea House - Philly - Do they have buns anymore?

I used to stop by Greenland Tea House every few weeks to get Mexico buns, the peanut butter coconut buns recommended by bluehensfan, and other baked goodies. YUM! I don't work in/live right outside of Philly anymore, so it's been over 8 months since I've been there.I recall someone (probably bluehensfan) mentioning that they weren't doing buns anymore in a thread a while back. Has this ever changed? Do they not do buns anymore? Next Friday I'll be in the city for a workshop, and wondered if it was worthwhile heading over to 9th Street to check it out. I'll not have a lot of time to get there between end of workshop and catching a train, but if they've got Mexico buns, it may be worth it.


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  1. hmm, haven't been in awhile either. I used to get their congee at least once a month for awhile there.

    i'll try to stop in soon. i didn't try their Mexico buns but I was only so-so on their savory buns. Decent but nothing special.

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      AnnieG, Save your gas money (unfortunately). The last four or so times (most recently about a month ago) that I have gone to Greenland Tea House, there have been no Mexico buns (nor did they have the Swiss buns either that were pretty good that they had prior to the Mexico buns). I attempted to ask about the Mexico buns but did not get far because of the language barrier. Unfortunately the buns they had on my most recent visits were not all that different or better than what they have at other bakeries nearby in Philly. Makes me want to head to Fay Da in NYC for the real thing...

      1. re: bluehensfan

        Thanks for the answer - bummer that they don't have them anymore. I liked several of the sweet buns there, never tried the savory, so I'm sorry to hear that the quality isn't there now. Oh well, it will save me trying to get across town (workshop is at Drexel) and then onto a train in a small amount of time.