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Nov 8, 2007 12:00 PM

Building a list of LI coffeehouses

The sort of place where coffee/espresso is the main or sole focus of the place. Here's what I have offhand (asterisked listings have, IMHO, better than average coffee); Starbucks and other chains aren't being counted. Listing is in alphabetical order, not counting articles:

The Cup, Wantagh
The Grind, Bellmore
Java Room, Farmingdale
MUD, Mineola*
Northwinds Coffee & Tea, Port Washington*
Witches' Brew, Hempstead

Babylon Bean, Babylon*
Brown Dog Coffee, King's Park*
Classy Coffee, Huntington
Cool Beanz, St. James
Pisces Cafe, Babylon
Tic Toc Cafe, St. James

Didn't count Milk & Sugar in Bayshore, since coffee seems to be focus #2 or 3 there. I'm not saying that's definitely not the case for those in the list above, but that I've personally seen it to be so at M&S. Brownstone's in Amityville is currently closed (the owners needed the space for their catering business) but might reopen.


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  1. Not sure if EastEnders Coffee House in Riverhead meets your criteria, since the music scene is as prominent as the coffee.
    Pleasant place to hang out anyway.

    1. Urban Coffee, Huntington and Greenlawn

      1. Georgio's Roasterie, 146 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, 631-470-7797.

        Right next to Massa's coal-oven pizza, this is owned by the former Fairway coffee-roaster. Excellent selection, service, knowledge. I think it's all Fair Trade too.

        1. Sea Cliff Coffee Company - odd hybrid of coffee and...sushi?

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          1. re: GCGuy

            I'd heard about that place, but the image I got from the reviews is that it's more of an eatery than a coffee place. True?

          2. Scratch Northwinds of Port washington off the list. They went out of business.

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            1. re: petergreen

              Yup, just heard that myself. Brown Dog in King's Park, too.