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Nov 8, 2007 11:50 AM

Culinary excursion to the East Village/LES/Chinatown

I am interested in going on a culinary journey through the lower regions of Manhattan this Saturday night. I am interested in going to a couple of "cheap" places that make 1 or 2 things exceptionally well. Examples would be: Dumpling Man( very good Dumplings),S'MAC(Mac n'Cheese) or Pomme Frites (Very Good French Fries). could anyone suggest some more restaurants that are designed for 1 thing and 1 thing only?

Ideas are:

1. Crepes
2. cheese plates
3. Pizza
4. ???? I'm having a really tough time thinking of food

Thanks for the help,

P.S. This started when I was in college up at Columbia. We used to go to this place for really good grilled cheese(now closed), then pomme frites, and then the great American milkshake company (now closed).

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  1. You should do a search on RGR's LES Food Excursion. It should go into Chowhound Manhattan board's hall of fame.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Second RGR's LES tour. Might be better in the late afternoon than at night.

      1. There is a tiny place for crepes in LES. The Creperie, 135 Ludlow, btw Rivington & Stanton, per $. I defer to other hounds since I have not been.

      3. Relatively new pizza place in LES, Pala, 198 Allen, btw Stanton & Houston, $$. I went when they first opened.

      Casa Adela on Avenue C, btw 4th & 5th in the EV does baccalau well (Puerto Rican style). No ambience, $$. Their rotisserie chicken smells and looks amazing but I have not tried it yet.

      You can check out the menus/prices on You may want to do a search by neighborhood as well.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        kobe, I'm honored that you consider my tour Chowhound hall of fame-worthy! :-)

        fdr, You're right. Most of the places would not be open at night though, of course, Katz's is.

        Seth, you might want to check out the Hummus Place. Open until midnight.

    2. Go to Cecel Crepe Cafe for more interesting crepes. It's in the East Village.

      For pizza, I'd do a slice at Rosario's or Vinny Vincenz.

      Other spots:
      Caracas Arepas
      Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches
      Crif Dogs or Dash Dogs
      Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
      Tkettle (dumplings, bubble tea)
      Fried Dumpling (or any other dumpling spot)
      Ukrainian Streetcha
      Katz's Deli/Russ & Daughter/Yonah Schimmel's/Doughnut Plant/Il Laboratorio de Gelato (all detailed on LES food tour by RGR)