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Nov 8, 2007 11:36 AM

Upscale Dinner on Thanksgiving

Hello Again!!

Some very good friends (a couple in their 30/40s - we'll one is 30 and one is 40) from NYC will be in SF for Thanksgiving dinner. They would love to go to an upscale restaurant for dinner in SF -- think Michael Mina, Boulevard or Gary Danko. Please nothing touristy (I figure this may be difficult). They don't necessarily need to eat turkey and the associated works -- just really good food in a nice setting. It's getting late in the game to make a resie -- any suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. There was a very postive report on Michael Minna a few years ago. You might check opentable for restaurants open on Thanksgiving. They list the majority of the upscale joints and list the menu. I won't mention the joint I'm interested in since I don't want people glomming in on it. However it is new and will be serving heritage turkey which I've wanted to try ... two things I want to try at the same time ... heritage bird and new resturant. It's on the opentable list.