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Vegetarian Gravy?

I know it seems counterintuitive, but I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 10 or so, and one of the hosts is a vegetarian. I thought it would be nice to get her some gravy. Anyone seen any place to buy it? Maybe I'll check out the new Whole Foods in Pasadena tonight.

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  1. Any whole foods might have it. Look for mushroom gravy. I know Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park usually has it.

    1. How's has vegetarian broth (chicken flavored) have not had it. You could make a gravy with that!

      1. Many stores carry vegetable broth (never tried the "chicken flavored" one though). If you make your own gravy, you'll need more roux or other thickener than you would normally because there's no gelatin in veggie stock. Flavor the gravy with a bunch of sauteed mushrooms and it will be very tasty.

        1. i've probably posted this before, but i really like it:


          my parents and sister actually prefer this gravy even though they are not vegetarian. you may want to go easy on the balsamic vinegar and then add more if you like the taste. i like ot use about half as much.

          1. I have gotten the powdered veggie gravy from Vons. It actually looks and tastes pretty similar to a regular brown gravy

            1. Tofurkey makes vegetarian gravy and it is sooo good! (The tofurkey roast is great too!!) I think they sell it at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

              1. Real Food Daily makes some amazing vegan gravy for many of their dishes. I would imagine you should be able to buy a cup of it a la carte.

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                    I tried someting there with gravy and couldn't tell if it was made with saw dust or card board.

                  2. If you can't find good mushroom gravy, make her some from scratch!
                    Mushrooms (think multiple varieties), oil, flour, and water. Carrots, onions, celery would be good 'supporting cast' flavors.

                    That above vegweb.com recipe is Scary!

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                      ha! it does sound scary, but i promise it is really good. you can leave out the more hippie-ish ingredients like the braggs (just use a little bit of soy sauce or salt or something) and the nutritional yeast. i have tried making both the scary one and just basic mushroom gravy, but everyone seems to like the more complex flavors of this one.

                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Nice to know there are some options.

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                        Also- Franco American Mushroom Gravy is vegan. It's a bit bland though, so you may want to spice it up if you decide to use it. But it would be a quick fix if you're running low on time. - I made a good veggie gravy last night using spices (sage, rosemary), garlic, shrooms, onion, vegetable broth (which thankfully, you can find pretty much anywhere now) and flour. - Turned out pretty good - and I'm a picky vegetarian. ;)