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Nov 8, 2007 11:09 AM

New Pizza Joint in Eagle Rock

A new pizza place has opened up in the 'Rock, right next door to the Colorado Wine Company.

I think it's called "Brownstone Pizza", though their signage isn't fully up yet and since I wasn't looking, I'm not sure. To be perfectly honest, I don't care what it's called. What does matter is that this is the best slice of NYC style pizza I've had since I left New York.

My all-time favorite slice of New York pizza was the old Joe's Pizza at the corner of 6th and Bleecker. Most other pizza joints in NYC barely measured up to that standard. The infinite variety of Ray's Pizza were all too soggy and gloppy. Most of the other corner shops couldn't get the balance between crust and cheese right, and too many places use lousy tomato sauce. But Joe's (before they moved a few doors up) used to be flawless. Thin, crispy and yet greasy at the same time, and scalding hot. The new location is good, but the few times I've been there, an inconsistency has crept in.

This new joint in Eagle Rock... the first bite of my first slice took me right back to every great slice of Joe's Pizza I'd ever eaten. Proust had his madelines. I have my pizza. For a moment, I was back in the city in my early twenties. it was 2:30 in the morning, and I was hunched over those rickety tables in the West Village, shoving down a couple of slices of pizza before staggering home from a night of wandering around dirty bars below Houston street.

It was that good. The grease, the sauce, the crust... it was that old school pizza that I loved. This is hands down the most authentic slice of NYC pizza I've eaten outside of the five boroughs, and for my tastes, it's a better slice than most of the slice-and-a-coke joints in the city.

It's a good time to be living in Eagle Rock.

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  1. Awesome , I think we will have to check it out tonight.
    Are they officially open for business just with no sign??

    1. i checked out brownstone pizza about 3 weeks ago, which was about a week after they opened. no wall decor, empty pizza rack, virtually deserted. it really looked like they had just opened. anyways, i had a slice of sausage. not homemade sausage, but still reasonably high quality. more important, the crust and the sauce were terrific - dead on. a higher quality of cheese would have been nice, but still good. for those who whine about "no good NY style thin crust in LA", it might be worth checking out.

      1. Is this a "sit down order appetizers, pizza, and pasta" place? Or are they more focussed on pizza? I would love to check this place out.

        1. I went there last night and split a whole pie and a salad with my fellow chowhound. The salad was simple: romaine, sliced tomato & olives, cold and freshly prepared with a homemade balsamic dressing. We ordered our pizza half cheese, half sausage. It came out pretty quickly and my review is as follows:

          1. It was perfectly thin and the dough was the right texture meaning that they did not over toss it.
          2. The ratio of cheese to sauce to dough was spot on. I easily folded up each piece with one hand ate away.
          3. Now, I'm being picky about the ingredients but I too felt that the cheese could have been better quality, the sauce more seasoned as well as the sausage.

          All in all a good pizza preparation wise but not the most tasty I have had.

          1. FYI, apparently Joe's Pizza is opening up a branch in Santa Monica on Broadway St. & Ocean Ave... assuming it's the same one you're talking about:


            here's the info:


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            1. re: foodcorejunior

              The OP is indeed referring to that Joe's, and I'm excited but trying not to get my hopes too high. Joe's in NYC has slipped a lot since its heyday...I hope it regains form here in LA.

              PS: What is it about Eagle Rock that's attracting so many tasty restaurants these days? It seems like a number of places at the top of my list to try are located there...