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Nov 8, 2007 11:03 AM

Kreuz Market (11/07/07)

Had the fortune to head into Lockhart this past Wednesday for a much needed BBQ fix. We arrived at 11am and were the first ones to walk through the door. A sample of brisket, prime rib, sausage (jalapeno, traditional) and ribs laid bountiful on our table.

Links: The traditional sausage was excellent---dense with meat, good balance of seasoning and meaty flavors. Held good bite and texture. The jalapeno sausage had a little more heat than I like, slightly masking the flavor of the sausage.

The prime rib: What can I say? My favorite cut of beef. Kreuz served the epitome of why I love this cut so much. My only quibble is that they have small packets (Heinz) of prepared horseradish. C'mon. Really? If you are going to offer horseradish, if any, how about some
fresh horseradish?

Ribs: The pork ribs were a table pleaser. These ribs were easily some of the best my girlfriend and I have ever had. Slightly aggressive seasoning sometimes led to an overly salty bite, but the balance of smoke flavor and oh-so tender meat gave way to a euphoric smile.

Brisket: The brisket was the only letdown of the day. Great flavor and very lean, the brisket was too dry to enjoy. I am assuming the slab wasn't able to rest adequately since the carving table was flooded with juice during the slicing. But the quality of the brisket (along with Kreuz's reputation) shows promise and I can't wait for the next opportunity to try it.

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  1. i'm not sure if 'resting' the brisket was the problem.... my theory is the fat cap gets trimmed down on the first-off-the-smoke portion, or the fat cap gets trimmed to lean before it gets on the pit, instead of trimming fat per serving. me? let me pay for the fat and let me trim to my specifications. I love smoked fat with smoked beef.

    thanks for the reminder of getting out on the forgotten roads to taste a bit 'o texas.