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Nov 8, 2007 10:40 AM

Philly's Best Burbank - Anyone been yet?

Any experiences at this new location? I've been twice, wanted to LOVE it as I've driven for years from the Valley area to the Fountain Valley and Santa Clarita locations. Granted, they've just opened and they need time to work the bugs out, but I've been a bit disappointed.

The first time I went, my cheesesteak arrived with cold cheese thrown on top of the meat. The cheese wasn't melted. Second time, about a week ago, the sandwich was a bit better, but the cheese wasn't 100 percent melted and it just didn't have the wow factor of the other locations. However, the cheese fries were terrific.

I'm hoping it gets better over time. The owners really seem to care and are very involved. Any other experiences?

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  1. just go to freddo's in pasadena and don't worry about it:

    1. I've been there once and it was excellent. I didn't have cheese on my sandwich so I can't speak to your problem with that. But the steak was good, lean meat that full of flavor and cooked to perfection. The Amoroso roll was especially good.

      I'm going to go back this weekend and try something else.

      1. I've been a few times.

        I'm a chicken cheesesteak person. They do them pretty good, even though I think the meat portion is a bit skimpy. The chicken itself, though, is tasty. I order mine with provolone cheese, hoagie style (lettuce/tomato/raw onion/etc). With the fresh Amoroso rolls, I'd have to give it a B+.

        Also, they have some pretty tasty fries. Skins on, skinny (but not shoestring), and very potato-ey. The couple times I've had them, they've been nice and crispy and tasty. I saw someone order onion rings, they sure looked good! Next time.

        The franchise owners are always there, very friendly and greeting customers and checking if everyone likes their food. Don't know how long they'll continue doing that, but in today's age where it seems that nobody gives a rat's *ss, it's nice to see.

        Now, just gotta make it to Fredo's in Pasadena for a scientific comparison!

        1. Not that good in my opinion, the fries were not that great either, just kinda blahh...

          1. I've been twice. The sandwich was perfect both times, but the fries are revolting... cold, greasy and limp. The onion rings are a safer bet.