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May 10, 2006 11:11 PM

best Crab Louie in the Bay area...

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I'll be visiting the Bay area for a couple weeks in June and was hoping to find a great Crab Louie salad while I'm there. Any suggestions?

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    Robert Lauriston

    Tail end of the season, and crab Louis is more popular with tourists than locals, but the classic places are Swan Oyster Depot and Tadich.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I forgot that June was the end of the season...
      is there any local seafood that is beginning its season in June?

      Also, if crab louis is a mostly ordered by tourists these days, how would most locals prefer their dungeness crab?

      1. re: sunnyside

        Had a wonderful crab louis at Fish in Sausalito last week. A bit pricey, but the huge chunks of fresh crab and the outdoor setting in great weather made it all worthwhile. Far beyond what you would ever find at tourist spots.

        1. re: sunnyside

          "how would most locals prefer their dungeness crab?"

          Michael & I eat our crab two ways: whole & as cakes.

          There's plenty of places that serve whole crab roasted with butter & garlic or salt & pepper crab, chili crab, green curry crab and so on.

          1. re: sunnyside
            Robert Lauriston

            Local seafood in season in June includes anchovies and mackerel.

            To get fresh local seafood in a restaurant you have to ask, as most of our seafood's flown in. You could check the SF Chronicle's weekly Thursday fishing report to know what to watch for.


            1. re: sunnyside

              Crab Louis is also loved by some locals, including myself! In addition to Tadich and Swan, you might try Anchor Oyster Bar on Castro.

              1. re: sunnyside

                Nothing wrong with ordering a crab louie, if that's what you like!

                I don't personally like a lot of creamy dressings so I prefer my crab w/ melted butter and a hunk o' sourdough, wine optional. If you ask, Swan Oyster has always been happy to melt some butter for me. Enjoy! (And I am jealous...)

              2. re: Robert Lauriston

                It is the end of the season, but my husband and I had a couple of tasty crabs on Mon. night for dinner. We bought them at New May Wah on Clement for $3.69 a pound. Not as sweet as earlier in the season, but still pretty darn good.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston
                  Brian Spangler

                  I agree with Robert on Swan and Tadich. Tadich is a classic sit down bar/restaruant, which is not open on the weekend and Swan is an oyster bar that is open from 8am-5pm, with only a cramped bar space. Depends on your needs, but I cannot go to SF without visiting the Swan Oyster Depot.


                  1. re: Brian Spangler

                    Tadich is open on Saturday for both lunch and dinner. It is closed on Sunday. Had dinner there last night and it was outstanding as always.

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                  The Librarian

                  Go to Fish in Sausalito - the platonic ideal!