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Nov 8, 2007 10:21 AM

making large panna cotta

We are having a dessert sharing party at our place and I have lots of ideas. The key is since everyone is bringing dessert, I want a lighter one, and I think I want to make a greek yogurt panna cotta with carmelized apples and salted caramel. No problem if I were doing a plated dessert, but I want to make it family style.

With which vessels/ presentation have you had luck when making panna cotta family style (if any)?

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  1. I do not have advise about the vessel shape. But i often make a creme carmel in a large pie dish. When I transport it I leave it in the pie dish for transport and bring a plate big enough to flip it out on to at the final destination.

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      Ditto the pie dish idea. My mom makes a killer flan and she used to make hers in a pyrex pie dish.

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        A pie dish or a quiche pan or a tarte dish with a fluted edge all should work.

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          My mom would make flan as well but she'd bake it in a simple 9x13 pyrex baking dish or anything of similar size and she would serve it in cubes. I think serving the panna cotta in cubes may work; it won't be pretty but it'd be easy to serve.

      2. This doesn't involve baking, does it? How about a shallow plastic storage container?

        1. A friend of mine made a family-style panna cotta when I was at her house a couple months ago. She did it just in a glass serving dish.