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Nov 8, 2007 10:12 AM

Creating an LA Sticky -- Your feedback

We've been trying out a new sticky format on the Manhattan Board for awhile now, and while it hasn't completely eliminated 'Coming to town for the weekend, where should I eat?', it also hasn't caused any problems, so we're going to go ahead and start working on these stickies for some others of the boards, beginning with our most active regional boards. This thread is for feedback on what should go into the sticky for the Los Angeles Area.

Check out the sticky on the Manhattan board ( ) for an example, and then let us know:

1. What are the most repetitive (yet generally on topic) questions that get asked? Are there specific events or attractions people are always asking for recommendations near? Specific restaurants that have been discussed in great detail? We're not trying to totally eliminate these questions, just help people to find the information that already exists. The really general 'Coming to town for the weekend, where should I eat?' questions that are an issue on every board are a given for this list--you don't need to suggest them here.

2. Any board specific vocabulary, abbreviations or habits that people should know? On the multi-state boards, this might be the habit of using airport codes in titles to note the town, locally it might be that putting the airport code in the title means you want to eat near the airport. On Manhattan, we mentioned that prices there are generally higher than average so people should try to use clear cost descriptions if they have budget limits.

3. Are there any off board chowdown lists/groups that people should be aware of? How can they sign up?

If you've got any other feedback about the stickies, let us know that, too.

We probably won't be able to use everything that gets suggested, but we will try to incorporate as much feedback as possible while still keeping the stickies manageable.

-- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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  1. I cannot stand it. Sorry, but it doesn't eliminate the repetitive topics, and it makes random questions more important, by sticking them at the top. The sticky must go.

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    1. re: yogachik

      I'm confused -- how does the sticky make random questions more important?

      Apart from the relatively minor annoyance of seeing it at the top all the time, I see no harm -- and a great deal to gain -- by answering newbie questions and setting rules in an easily findable place.

    2. I've never been clear if there is a prescribed geographical boundary for the the Los Angeles Area board, so maybe this is the place to specify: Where do we go to talk about restaurants in Santa Barbara? San Diego? Palm Springs? Central Coast?

      I think it's important to encourage people not to repeat thread subjects, e.g. the endless overlapping "where's the best burger?" threads, etc.

      Oh, and very important: first use of the word "yummy" in a post gets a warning; second use results in a permanent ban. Strictly enforced (and yes, I've now used up my one).

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      1. re: maxzook

        Good points!

        - It would be very helpful to Declare the geographic limits of the LA region. So far it seems to be LA, Orange, Ventura counties with 'parts' of western Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Defining the eastern-most cities would be good. What do IE (Inland Empire) hounds think?

        - Repeating specific 'Best' topics is OK EXCEPT within a specific time frame. For reference could I suggest One Year (back from today)? Fortunately CH has the great heirarchal 'reply to post' feature so a big topic thread isn't completely linear.

        - Suggest a posting limit for an existing topic. I go nuts trying to follow something over, say, 100 replies.

      2. Some geographical abbreviations worth mentioning:

        BH = Beverly Hills
        SGV = San Gabriel Valley
        DTLA = Downtown LA
        SM = Santa Monica
        WeHo = West Hollywood

        There should be a sticky to the the Ultimate Restaurant List by Mr. Grub. This is for 2006:

        And maybe a link to the 99 Essential Restaurants as determined by Jonathan Gold from LA Weekly.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          OC = Orange County
          VC = Ventura County
          SD = San Diego city/county
          SB = Santa Barbara city/county
          SFV = San Fernando Valley
          LB = Long Beach
          PS = Palm Springs
          Hwd = Hollywood

          Don't go too crazy with the initials list, though. In as large and diverse an area as this it gets confusing -- people can just type Los Feliz or Silver Lake.

        2. The most commonly asked dinner-near question that I notice is stuff near the Pantages and stuff near downtown. Personally, in addition to the Mr. Grub list and the Jonathan Gold list, there really should be a pointer to various neighborhood lists. Perhaps if, for instance, a Koreatown topic and a Santa Monica topic and a Downtown topic were all started, people could add to them as they normally do, and then the sticky would just provide links to all those topics.

          Also, there are other random topics that I've personally stickied with Favorites, stuff like Jerome's SGV topics, the Chow Gold Line topic, a few Best Of topics, and really any thread where the responses or the OP were very in depth and informative and insightful.

          The primary off-board list for the LA group has to be SCARF on the Yahoo board, but Pleasurepalate also maintains a group of her own that seems to be primarily Yelp-based. There's a lot of overlap between SCARF and Chowhound already, but getting people to cross the divide between Yelp and Chow is, let's say, not an LA-specific problem.

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            the other commonly requested general dinner locations are hollywood and the beach cities [most notably SM].

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              By the way, my group is not primarily Yelp-based, although there are Yelp members who are in it. The largest cross-section of the group are members who have been dining with me for years, pre-Yelp, but there are also both SCARF members and Chowhound posters who are part of the group as well. :) In fact, I really like that I have so much diversity.

              1. re: pleasurepalate

                Would you like to provide contact details for your group and have it included in the LA sticky post?

                1. re: Jacquilynne

                  Wow, if you could do that, that would be great! People have been finding my group through my profile and my posts, but it would be nice to give people a more direct route. My group is similar to SCARF in that it's also a Yahoo Group and the link is:


                  Thanks so much!

            2. One thing I want to clarify (and I'm posting this in every thread, it's not specific to this one) is that we're not looking to elevate specific topics or answers to sticky status, or even link them within the stickies. Nor are we looking to completely eliminate repetition from the boards. Repetition is still good--it brings out new answers (whether from new posters or about new restaurants) and ensures that things are updated. A single sticky (or otherwise annointed as official) thread for a given popular topic wouldn't do that job as well.

              From the perspective of the new user, we're trying to help them find the information that's already out there, as well as help them craft a good question that will get them the information they need if they can't find it.

              From the perspective of our regulars, we're trying to cut back a moderate amount on the repetitive questions, as well as help to ensure you get the information you need, rather than having to ask a bunch of clarifying questions every time someone new comes along.