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Nov 8, 2007 09:38 AM

Dinner for 16 people-Private Room?

I am looking for a place to hold my office holiday party. The 8 of us usually go to a really nice restaurant for dinner. This year we have decided to invite significant others to join the festivities. This means more people but less to spend on each person. We are looking to spend roughly $100-120 a person total. We love to eat and drink. There is one vegetarian and as much as we love food we don't want anything to crazy on our dish. Also we are open to a price fixed menu or a private room. Any suggestions?

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  1. We are doing our office party at Artisinal (12 people) It is REALLY hard to get a table or room for a large group at the holidays. I usually start calling around in October. Anyway, Artisinal has 4 or 5 different options for how they set up your menu. I would give them a call. Not overly stuffy, a little loud perhaps and doesnt fondue just scream Christmas?

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      Try the private dining room that sits glass enclosed above the main dining room at THOR. I hear its a great experience.

    2. i thought of thor. there is a $1500 room rental fee that does not include F&B, staffing, rentals, etc. it is probably a great time but way out of my budget. I.i've been to artisanal as has many of my colleagues. doesn't excite me too much. originally we weren't doing guests so i already made reservations but now i've had this twist added with little time to plan. thanks for the ideas.

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        We did Aureole last year and they very accomadating at sort of last minute.

      2. A couple years ago I ate at a private room at Remi...and it was excellent...and although I'm not sure of the overall costs, I'm assuming it was reasonable, considering who was throwing the party

        1. The Green Table in Chelsea Market is perfect. We had a private dinner there last month- the food is all organic and we had a 3 course prix fixe menu that was lovely. The price was reasonable, too.

          1. I can't say enough abut the private dining room at Tocqueville. It is truly wonderful. A real little gem.