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Nov 8, 2007 09:12 AM

Need Party Location Advice!!

Hello everyone, I'm planning a holiday party for my company in LA. Problem is, I live in San Francisco, so I don't really know where to go. I tried to get suggestions from my compatriots down there, but their suggestions were WAAAAAAAY over my budget. So, I'm hoping people on here can come up with some good options. We are looking at maximum 30 people, though the number isn't set and can vary from 20 - 30 people. Type of cuisine isn't too important. We are looking for a sit-down dinner, but also somewhere that might have a bar / lounge in it or a good one nearby for after-dinner festivities. Looking for west LA (century city, beverly hills, santa monica, westwood, west know what I mean). Budget is $75 per person for food and drink. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I dont know how formal/fancy you want things... but bang for your buck and fun C&O's Trattoria in Venice Beach. Really good food, excellent value, fun atmosphere. There's even a couple of Martinni bars and dive bars on the same block so you have your options of how people want to get crazy afterwards. Good luck.

    1. Maybe Upstairs 2. Other places that come to mind: Red Pearl Kitchen or Cha Cha Cha.

      1. Musha?

        What about a Chinese banquet at Empress pavillion in Chinatown? (OK, not west la)

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          i can't see musha comfortably fitting a party of that size.

        2. Take a look at Mirabelle in West Hollywood, some of their party menu ideas are even on their

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            the farm in santa monica, il moro, napa valley grill, el cholo in santa monica, prego beverly hills, akwa in santa monica, x-bar in century plaza hotel, beechwood on the patio in venice, library alehouse in santa monica, border grill in santa monica, asia de cuba in west hollywood??

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              I like Asia de Cuba in West Hollywood. Although, it's an outdoor venue, and it can get really chilly.

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                el cholo? imho, el cholo for booze only. i would even recommend sticking to booze that doesn't require mix. . .

            2. Border Grill in Santa Monica.