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Sebastian's in Burbank - anyone been recently?

I saw Kitchen Nightmares last night and was wondering if anyone has been to Sebastian's lately? I'm curious to hear if he stuck to Gordan's new menu, because if so, I'd like to check the place out.

The space is huge - the patio, especially, and I imagine it would be a nice place to eat some wood fired pizza and drink a few glasses of wine. Anyone been in the last few months?

Clare K.

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  1. There is a blog going on under the Media News board that shows his website and it appears that he has added back a lot of his real confusing items rather than keeping the menu simple. He is/was a real idiot, I mean Gordo was there to help and Sebastian didn't want to change anything. Personally, I think Sebastian was/is delusional about his aspirations and his ability as a chef!! Great TV though!

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      agreed......the guy seems to have an ego the size of texas.

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        Sebastian delusionally fancied himself a chef. He is not a chef. He is a "defroster" and heater upper.

      2. i don't really care about the size of his ego. we went twice: once shortly after it opened, and the service was terrible. went again about a month ago, the service was worse. we go to restaurants for good service as well as food. if they can't get the service up to par, i don't care how good the food is. i'll be surprised if it makes it.

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          Justanotherpeguin: When you went a month ago, was the food back to the frozen stuff and flavor combos? I realize the website has the menu up but wanted to see if he really did go back to his old menu.

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            I work in the area and have been curious about this place for a while. The menu has changed, it was quite disjointed with HIS concept, but looking online today it looks like it has changed from the last time I checked a year ago. We just tried to call to see if they do delivery but Sebastian answered and said they were slammed, we might do pick up for lunch, if so I'll report back.
            To be honest I'm afraid to try anything else other than the pizzas.

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              sorry, clare - i just don't remember. it was one of those evenings that was going so poorly, that we just ate something and left with no plans to return. to us service is the main ingredient. sorry if that offends any "hounds".

          2. Anybody who would eat at that fool's restaurant after watching that show last night has got to be crazy. Let the place die and let the poor man stop losing his shirt. And most of all, let that nice location be a home to a real restaurant some day.

            P.S. He's a much better actor than he is a cook and restauranteur. Did you see those tears at the end of the show as he tried to lure in some gullible customers?

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              I think he's a loon. He turned down Gordo's (I like that, bakerboyz), priceless advice and he just flushed it down his loony head. I don't think I would stop in if I saw it.
              The menu is confusing because I think he's stuck between inside of a lala theme park and the exit gate.

            2. My husband and I went twice during the World Series because we heard it's sort of a Boston place. We each had small pizzas both times, and really liked them. We did see Sebastian tossing the pizza dough, so that's not frozen, not sure about the sauce. The menu sort of looks like the new one, but it never really got a close up where we knew for sure. It was so funny to see the show, because it doesn't seem anything like the Sebastian we met, who was super nice and came over and chatted with us. Had I not seen Kitchen Nightmares, I would have definitely gone back, now I'm not so sure. TV ruins everything.

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              1. Folks-

                Just a reminder, please do discuss your experiences at Sebastian's here, but take any discussion about the Sebastian's episode on Kitchen Nightmares to the Food News & Media board, where you will find the ongoing discussion: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/458392

                Please help us to keep the focus and value of the L.A. board on finding great food.

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                    does anyone know when gordon's menu was introduced?

                  2. Sebastian's is closing down on january 20, and they are moving back to Boston. No news yet if the restaurant has been sold or is just closing up.


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                      This episode just aired in Australia 15 minutes ago and it was by far, the best episode. Gordon Ramsay can go off his head, so we were quite surprised how he handled Sebastian's outburst. Sebastian, mate, you got off very lightly!

                      And reading these comments now is as funny as tonight's show!!

                    2. Closed and will soon be another Italian restaurant, owned by Albano's guy

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                        awesome. i don't normally watch the show but me and my wife caught the rerun last night. funny thing is, we lived about 1/2 mile from there 3 years ago before we moved to ny. we walked in once, took a look around, got such a bad vibe instantly that we turned around and walked right back out! when we saw the show last night, we were laughing our arse's off! hilarious tv!

                      2. I don't reckon that Sebastian adopted Gordon's new menu, I think that his ego was just too big for him to be able to do the right thing, I was almost hoping that Gordon would give him a smack in the mouth, goodness knows, he deserved to get one, oh yeah, just to say that I saw the programme last night, 18th February 2009 but I tell you what, if there is anyone there that I truely feel sorry for, it is the poor sods who had to work for that idiot, if he went bust, I sincerely hope that his staff got new and better jobs, heck, you couldn't ask for a worse boss could you, the guy is a toltal wanker.

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                          Um, Sebastian's closed. It's now Robano's, which was part-owned by Anthony Albano (of Albano's pizza fame on Melrose). He's since, I understand, pulled out of the venture.

                        2. I've been told that it's closed down after Sebastian added some of the items from his old menu. Shame because the rest of the crew seemed happy with what Gordan did for them.