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Nov 8, 2007 08:41 AM

Red Bamboo equivalent?

Had an AMAZING meal at Red Bamboo a few nights ago - I was wondering if there's anything like it on the east side? I'm sick of vegetarian/vegan food that's been fried to death. This place was unlike anything I'd had before.

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  1. Caravan of Dreams gets good recommendations. I haven't tried it yet, though.

    1. Have not tried Candle and Candle Cafe on the UES yet, but their menu seems like a few steps up from Red Bamboo in terms of price and preparation. I, too, love Red Bamboo, and have been meaning to try the Candle twins for a nice change.

      Counter in the East Village has some really impressive (chick pea fries) and some really disappointing items(seitan tournados), again a bit pricier and "nicer" than Red Bamboo (candles on the tables, lovely and comfortable dining room).

      The closest thing to Red Bamboo in terms of price and menu that I have found is actually in Brooklyn (Foodswings in Williamsburg). Tastes like both places get their buffalo wings from the same supplier. It is a very fried menu, though.

      1. i consider red bamboo's menu to be not-so healthy. they have a lot of soul food items on the menu, which are of course fried. having said that, i like kate's joint.